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Tunewiki: Post Current Playing Song On Twitter & Facebook, Listen To Radio, View Youtube Videos And Much More!

Tunewiki showing current playing song

I have been planning to write about Tunewiki for a long time but each time i planned to do so, i have found a new feature in it! Tunewiki is basically a music player offering a variety of other features. Tunewiki has a lot to offer and my aim of writing this post is the get you familiarized with this application!

To begin with the installation size is large i.e 2 Mb and since it makes its own library of songs therefore installing it either phone memory or memory card won’t make much of a difference (I installed it on memory card to save phone memory). On the initial launch it’ll scan the files (you can set the folder to scan) and will build up its own library. Once done, browsing through the music file is a breeze. As i mentioned above, music player is just one aspect of this application, other than that it provides you with the ability to listen to Internet radio stations for free (ShoutCast radio), search for music videos (of music you are playing and otherwise), search and view lyrics, see who all are listening to your current playing track all over the world (cool feature) and plenty more! One of its kind, this application allows is highly configurable meaning it allows you to edit lots of settings to suit your needs. And since there are lot of these settings, am highlighting few important one’s viz. ability to work offline (access to gprs, wifi, 3G is required to download lyrics, listen to radio, search for music videos), show lyrics, font size, etc. Besides all these things, it also takes care of your social networking sites and allows you to post whatever song you are currently listening to twitter and facebook with a simple click of button! Thus, it also acts as a social music player for all the facebook and twitter addicts (like me!).

My Review

As i mentioned above, i won’t be able to share all the feature of this great application but whatever i have known after using this mobile application, i want to certainly write about that. I have been using Tunewiki since i first found it on Ovi store, my basic idea behind using this application initially was its ability to share the current playing track with my followers on twitter. But soon after, the plethora of feature made me an addict of Tunewiki. It doesn’t strain the battery life of your mobile phone and remains within the limits. Moreover, the lyrics feature is just awesome as Tunewiki highlights the lyrics with the song itself allowing you to sing it word to word. Ability to share your current playing song is also a blessing in disguise for all the symbian users as there is no other mobile application for Nokia that does the same. However, other that these positive features, i found some drawbacks too that sometime force me to use the default Nokia music player, they are:

  • No equilizer i.e you can’t adjust Bass, Vocal, etc. This is a big turn off for a person who likes to listen to music depending on genre and changing eqilizer settings accordingly.
  • Lyrics are available for few songs only. Being an Indian, i love to listen to some hindi songs as well but lyrics for not even a single hindi song in my playlist were available with Tunewiki.
  • The touch is too sensitive. This makes it very difficult to scroll through songs in landscape mode on Nokia Touch phones (running s60v5, O.S 9.4).
  • Just like lyrics even the artwork available is not for all songs and also, there are times when wrong artwork is displayed.
  • There is no minimize button i.e one has to manually visit the task bar and get on with the other work. This is yet another flaw, it’s important for a music player to have a minimize button in order to easily run it in background and multi-task.

If the upcoming releases of Tunewiki mobile application has a fix for the above mentioned problems then i can’t think of a reason for it to NOT be a “must have” application for any Nokia mobile phone user.

Tunewiki is available for Android, Blackberry (including storm), iphone, ipod touch, symbian s60v5, at&t, palm, bada wave (samsung) and java phones. The lates version of Tunewiki can downloaded by visiting the official download page of Tunewiki here.


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