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UC Browser Claims No.1 Mobile Browser Position In India

UCWeb, a global leading provider of mobile internet software and services, which started India operations just three years ago, has announced that it has become number one in India’s mobile browser market. According to research firm StatCounter, UCWeb’s flagship product, UC Browser’s market share in India has surpassed Opera, the incumbent player in July, reaching a record high of 30%.

Addressing the rising security concerns, UCWeb established strategic partnership with global leading security company Trend Micro in May 2013. Trend Micro has built the world’s largest security network based on its proprietary technology and 50,000 servers globally. Backed by Trend Micro’s security network, UC Browser can thus alert users of high risk or malicious websites, i.e. phishing sites in advance and alert users of unsafe or malicious applications before the download.


The founding of UCWeb India made it possible for the company to gain insights on Indian consumers and tailor the UC Browser to their regular needs. For example, UCWeb’s engineers discovered that most users prefer to download videos before consumption, hence the team enhanced the download feature on the browser and made the media player to work with the download manager in a more integrated fashion. To improve the mobile browsing experience throttled by slow internet connection and frequent interruptions, UCWeb optimized the deployment of its cloud servers to accelerate the webpage load and security for users in India.

UCWeb has identified content & service integration and security as key areas for the development of UC Browser platform moving forward. UCWeb has established extensive partnership with leading content and service providers in India including Yahoo India, OLX, and Cricbuzz.

UCWeb India has more than doubled its headcount in New Delhi office and the current India team has grown to more than 30 people, 70 percent of them being Indian nationals. The company aims to staff up to 100 employees by the end of 2014, out of which more than 85 percent will be Indian nationals. Today, UC Browser is serving tens of millions of Indian consumers with English and Hindi versions, both developed and operated in India.

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