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UC Browser For Windows Phone Updated

UC Browser version 3.3 has been unveiled today for Windows phone store, which brings key enhancements including the ability to “pin” features and websites to the browser homescreen and file sharing over Wi-Fi.

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1. Pin To Speed Dial

Just like pinning an app to the homescreen on your WP handset, now you can also pin your favorite UC Browser features as well as websites to the Speed Dial on UC Browser’s homescreen. For instance, fans of UC Browser’s powerful Downloads feature can click the “+” icon on the Speed Dial screen, go to Feature Recommendation, and select Downloads. The Downloads feature will then be accessible via UC Browser’s Speed Dial.

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2. Wi-Fi Sharing 

UC Browser’s latest update for Windows Phone makes file transfer between phone, tablet and PC easy by allowing one to share downloaded files with other devices over Wi-Fi. Just go to downloaded files in Download Management, click on the Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right corner, and follow the instructions to connect your phone to your tablet or PC.

3. Geo-location Sharing

UC Browser for Windows Phone now supports geo-location sharing on Facebook and other websites. You can let your friends and family know your whereabouts when posting messages or photos.

UCWeb’s proprietary data compression and cloud acceleration technologies allow UC Browser to deliver the fastest, most powerful and best overall user experience in its category. Compared with Windows Phone’s default browser, UC Browser offers a suite of useful features that enable a more convenient browsing experience:

Background Downloads
Speed Mode
Gesture Control
Incognito Browsing
Night Mode
Speed Dial
Text-only Browsing
Visit as PC Mode
Customized Themes


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