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UCWeb Lists Tech Trends of 2017

Acording to UCWeb, following will be tech trends of year 2017:

Content will be the king of 2017 – With the explosive growth in mobile internet, the preference will be for trending, relevant, portable, even ‘disappearing’ content available right at the fingertips. The one- size-fits-all approach no long works with more and more users seeking content that is unique, authentic and speaks to them directly. Brands will experiment with ways to maximize sharing and increase the reach of their content.

Big Data will Drive Personalized, Rich and Immersive Content – The future belongs to engaging content that lasts – from text, video, imagery to infographic and GIFs and much more. While people have long been used to searching and finding information they want, 2017 will be the year when the right content will find the right person as businesses harness data insights.

More Apps will integrate AI, IoT – While change has been a constant in the app market, those who have evolved with the new market dynamics, continue to do well. Apps have moved beyond the smartphone and are now essential for every smart product that you use – your smartwatch, smart car, tech-enabled homes and more. Needless to say, more and more apps will emerge with integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality).

Online marketplace is the place to be– Indian government’s latest move of demonetization has given an added fillip to everyone present in the online marketplace. India will soon go the China way with digital wallets and cash-less transactions becoming ubiquitous.

Taking on the Cyber Devil – 2016 has all been about threats to the digital world. From fake news dominating latest US elections, to hacked data wrecking the Clinton campaign. Not to forget the debate over untraceable, encrypted messages that increase threat to global security. Technology majors will have to fight hard to keep the cyberspace authentic and free.


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