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Updated UC Browser For iOS & Desktop Browser Includes Cloud-Enabled Technology

UCWeb, the creator of UC Browser, has released two major updates to its iOS and Windows desktop browser. With this move, UCWeb has expanded into other screens in a bid to provide unified and streamlined browsing experience for its users.

In this update, UC Browser for PCs is now equipped with UCWeb’s signature cloud-enabled browsing technology. Cloud computing technology is one of the greatest strengths of UC Browser for mobile. It is the foundation of UC Browser’s key features, such as Data Compression and Cloud Acceleration, Pause-and-Resume Downloads, and many more. This cloud technology is now available on UC Browser for PCs, which can compress data by up to 50%, boosting browsing speed. This is a huge positive for broadband users around the world who use capped data plans on their desktop computers, as per press statement of the company.

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UC Browser for PCs now also comes with Cloud Sync, which allows users to synchronize open tabs and bookmarks from UC Browser for mobile, so that they can seamlessly switch between UC Browser on mobile and PC. UC Browser for PCs also has high-speed downloads, with an option to resume when downloads are interrupted, as well as a smart file manager that automatically categorizes downloaded files by type.

UC Browser for PC can be downloaded via pc.ucweb.com for a trial run.

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Updated UC Browser 10.0 for iPhone now comes with a bundle of brand new UI, ad-blocker, a video player and more. While the new UI brings users a fresher feeling, the ad-blocker gives a clutter-free browsing experience. It can detect ads and prevent them from loading. The browser automatically rearranges elements on a web page to give users the best viewing experience. As a result, web pages load much faster and less data is consumed. The new browser also allows users to customize their wallpaper, giving the browsing experience a more personal touch. Apart from that, UC Browser for iPhone is also powered by cloud technology, which not only compresses data and saves cost, but also speeds up web page loading, concludes the statement of the company.

UC Browser for iPhone can be downloaded from the App Store.


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