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Verizon Introduces Precision Market Insights Services

Verizon Wireless today introduced Precision Market Insights (Precision), a new initiative that will provide marketers access to timely insights to help them understand and engage with their customers in more efficient, precise and profitable ways.

Precision is comprised of a suite of services designed to deliver targeted business intelligence and analysis to companies that want to expand the reach and precision of their marketing efforts.

“Companies are always seeking opportunities to understand and act on their customers’ preferences, and Verizon is in a unique position to offer information and insight in a format that can help,” said Colson Hillier, vice president, Precision Market Insights, Verizon Wireless. “At the same time, protecting customer data and safeguarding privacy have always been high priorities at Verizon, and we give our customers choice and control over their privacy preferences.”

The first set of services from Precision will help brands and companies such as outdoor media companies, sport venues, and other marketers, to understand the characteristics of the audiences for their products and services so that they can better reach and serve those customers. Business and marketing insights use information from Verizon’s mobile network that is gathered and combined with demographic data, then aggregated to provide real insights into consumer behavior. Data associated with the preparation of business and marketing reports is anonymous and secure and will not allow the identification of an individual.

Precision plans to introduce additional services including one that will help brands tailor the type of advertising customers see on their mobile phones, also known as relevant mobile advertising, and others that will help marketers create opportunities to better address their consumers and their consumers’ needs.


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