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VLC For Android Making In Roads To Your Device, Soon!

VLC, the immensely popular video playing/streaming software for windows and linux platform is now making in roads to Android as well! Though, there have been various alpha, beta apk releases into the wilderness but nothing was official from VideoLAN as of now. However, in a very limited announcement, on twitter, VideoLAN has made it clear that VLC is on it’s way to make a mark on Android devices!

Check out the tweet posted by VideoLAN with regards to VLC for android –

They didn’t mention any particular release date or support for previous versions of android (hoping that Gingerbread will be supported at-least) so, there isn’t much to get excited about except for the fact that Android users will be able to enjoy the video playing/streaming capabilities of VLC on their devices 🙂

My current favorite, MX Player has a competition coming up… It’s VLC for android!



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