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Vserv.mobi SmartRewards Ad Format To Convert Mobile Ads Into Rewards

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Vserv.mobi, which has delivered mobile advertising experiences for leading Fortune 500 brands & digital media companies, across 200 countries, has announced the launch of their SmartRewards ad format. This format is a win-win proposition for advertisers and consumers. With SmartRewards ad format, advertisers can engage and cultivate brand loyalty among users by rewarding them for desired actions. On the other hand, this allows consumers to top up their prepaid mobile account in exchange for engaging with ads, downloading apps and other actions. Vserv.mobi has plans to make the SmartRewards ad format available shortly across emerging markets, and they are starting with India.


According to Vserv.mobi, SmartRewards will work across all media formats including banners, HTML5 Rich Media, Video, Survey Forms, while supporting a variety of actions such as App Install, Form Fill, Video View amongst others. The top up that consumers receive via SmartRewards will act exactly like regular paid top ups, allowing them to use it for making calls, sending texts or connecting to the internet.

Speaking about the relevance of SmartRewards, Dippak Khurana, CEO & Co-founder, Vserv.mobi said, “Mobile top ups are a universally loved currency, especially in emerging markets where the vast majority are prepaid subscribers. Our SmartRewards ad format acts as a value-exchange for the mobile ecosystem, which gives consumers free mobile top ups, presenting advertisers an opportunity to engage users like never before by rewarding them through impactful advertising.”


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