Western Digital Introduces upto 14 TB WD Gold Enterprise Class SATA HDD, Starting at Rs. 9000


Western Digital has introduced upto 14 TB WD Gold Enterprise Class SATA HDD in India. With up to 2.5M hours MTBF, WD Gold hard-drives is built to deliver enhanced level of dependability and durability within a most demanding storage environments. It comes loaded with vibration protection technology, in order to offer enhanced performance in high-vibration environments. Additionally, with HelioSeal technology, WD Gold drives with this technology draw low amounts of power. It is available in 1TB to 14TB capacities. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty. It is compatible with many PC and major enterprise operating systems.

Details of capacities and prices:

ItemAlternate Item DescriptionBUMRSP
WD1005FBYZWD Gold Enterprise SATA HDD- 1TB 128MB 7200 RPMWD Gold9000
WD2005FBYZWD Gold Enterprise SATA HDD- 2TB 128MB 7200 RPMWD Gold13000
WD4003FRYZWD Gold Enterprise SATA HDD- 4TB 256MB 7200 RPMWD Gold19200
WD6003FRYZWD Gold Enterprise SATA HDD- 6TB 256MB 7200 RPMWD Gold25600
WD8004FRYZWD Gold Enterprise SATA HDD- 8TB 256MB 7200 RPMWD Gold32000
WD102KRYZWD Gold Enterprise SATA HDD- 10TB 256MB 7200 RPMWD Gold42000
WD121KRYZWD Gold Enterprise SATA HDD- 12TB 256MB 7200 RPMWD Gold55000
WD141KRYZWD Gold Enterprise SATA HDD- 14TB 256MB 7200 RPMWD Gold65000


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