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What Do Different Mobile Phone Tariffs Mean?

A mobile phone tariff is a method of charging for mobile phone usage and the schedule of these charges. There are two main mobile phone tariff categories. These are pay as you go tariffs and contract tariffs and within these categories there is a whole plethora of specific tariffs that are appropriate to the different ways in which people own and use their phone.

Deciding what kind of tariff is the most suitable for you is not always easy and it can involve a number of guesses and calculations. The best way to find this out is to keep a careful record of your mobile phone usage over several weeks and use this to check out the best tariff that is available, but even that is not straight forward.

The reason for the difficulty is that there are too many choices to analyse thoroughly. In fact according to “This is Money”, just considering phone contract deals, there are over one and a half million different mobile phone tariffs which are available on over 1,000 phones. You can add to that many thousands more pay as you go tariffs and nearly as many SIM only deals. Life really is too short to analyse every one of them.

The problem is though that choosing one that is not appropriate to your phone usage can be very expensive, particularly as nowadays the majority of phone contracts lock you in for two years and often there are expensive penalties to pay if you terminate a contract prematurely. We all want and demand choice, but sometimes there can be just too many options.

Around 60% of mobile phone users are believed to be on the wrong tariff, and it is costing them on average an additional £200 a year over what they would be paying if they were on the best tariff. Mostly this is because they are paying for more minutes than they actually use.

If you want to research some of the different tariffs and contracts available you can check out the different contract phones from dialaphone.co.uk in order to find the best fit for yourself.


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