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LG Optimus Sol E730 – A Take On It’s Overall Design And Look Factor

Courtesy LG, I have been given a chance to take out LG Optimus SOL out for spin. Although in today’s scenario, the phone maybe touted as an age old device considering it’s was released into wilderness way back in August, 2011.

I will get straight to the point, I’ll be putting forth my opinion about the phone in a series of articles covering vital functions, overall looks, etc. Starting from this review, I’ll be covering my initial experience and general tendency of the phone for casual, everyday user.

The Looks – The Style

Coming back to the point, LG Optimus SOL is a button less device, you won’t see a single button bulge on the face. Covered with Corning Gorilla glass, the phone looks good when placed on the desk. No doubts about that.

Only the essential button functionality has been retained viz. 2 for volume control on left side and multi-purpose power on/off/lock/unlock button placed inconveniently on top. The reason I say “inconveniently” is because getting your hand to go all the way up to unlock the device is kinda awkward, or maybe I am used to right side unlock button on my Galaxy S II but otherwise too sidebar placement is preferred, just for convenience. Anyhow, since the device has a 3.8″ inch screen size, the distance isn’t that great to cause you trouble. You’ll get used to pretty soon!

Talking about button placement, there’s this misconception about the difficulty in using the volume button on left hand side. There’s this feeling that the keys are flatter than required. Well, after using it for a while now, all I can say is I faced no problem in adjusting volume levels. Moreover, you wouldn’t really be wanting to see keys protruding from sides. That’d look ugly.

Moving on, this was the front of the device we talked about, onto the back of Optimus SOL. It has a plastic(ky) look and feel. It’s a smudge magnet and is slippery. You’ll most certainly be requiring a mobile cover of some sort to make sure that the back of the phone retains it’s original look and to avoid those tiny little scratches that tend to stick on plastic surfaces. However, despite the plastic rear, the build quality is pretty good for the price it comes at (that’s roughly about Rs. 16,500).

Look from the top, you’ll be attracted to pick up the device. Turn it upside down and you’ll feel let down. Yes, that’s how I’d summarize it.

Note: Stay tuned for next feature’s specific article 🙂


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