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Windows 7 Boot 56% Faster In Lenovo Systems

Lenovo has recently announced the Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience a certification only available on new Lenovo products which promise faster boot time for windows 7 ,rich entertainment ,quality graphics and a faster yet more secure windows 7 experience. Lenovo has laid great emphasis on that fact that the new OS loads faster than Microsoft’s older operating systems. It has claimed in its press release that the  That means in real-time a 30 second boot up and even slow shutdown. The Lenovo Enhanced Experience is the result of joint engineering between Lenovo and Microsoft developers to enrich the feel of the new OS.


The speed increase has been achieved by a team called Velocity which did a lot of hard work by reviewing each and every driver of Windows 7 ,their load time and then changes were made according to the need of the hour. Lenovo has mentioned that the new laptop buyers will enjoy an additional benefit  as they have added a special chip to their upcoming devices that will tell the battery use times more accurately.

Apart from these Lenovo has also stated that the new systems will have rich entertainment and graphic features like  crystal clear, stutter-free HD video ,3D gaming and animation features. In security features it had mentioned features like one l click data recovery and managing hardware passwords. Its not the end as Lenovo has given the Velocity team a task to stop the OS from slowing down overtime as this is a major problem faced by users.

For more information refer to the Lenovo press release here.


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