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Wireless Charging Solution For Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 By MobileFun

While launching the flagship Lumia 920 by Nokia, the company had emphasized a lot on its feature of wireless charging capability. Taking the cue from Nokia Lumia 920, smartphones and tablets accessories suppliers in UK – MobileFun.co.uk – has become the first company to introduce two wireless solutions for world’s most popular Android smartphones – Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Nexus 4.

The wireless charging solution consist of Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Stand.Interestingly,this pad and stand are available at the same price as their wired charging stands. Normally, wireless chargers are much more expensive than the wired alternative.

s4 wireless charger

It is very simple procedure to charge the Galaxy S4 with wireless charger, and only a bit of setup is involved.You are required to o pick up Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Cover, which are available in white and black colors, and replace it with the original battery cover of Galaxy S4. After that, you are required to keep the Galaxy S4 on QI Wireless charging stand for charging your phone.

If you want to charge Nexus 4 then you are not required to do any setup. You can just put your Nexus 4 on Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Stand for charging, as the Nexus 4 has wireless charging technology built in.


Another beauty of Qi Wireless Charging Pad is that it can be used as a useful desk stand also. Simply flip up the stand to prop up your phone, then close it when you’re packing it away. The stand supports both landscape or portrait orientations, so you can read an incoming email as easily as you can watch a movie.

Sounds interesting and attractive !

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