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Xbox 360 With Kinect Console Available With Attractive Offers

Microsoft is playing Santa this summer with its newly released array of Xbox 360 with Kinect console bundle offers as well as great price offers for popular game titles. Starting April 15th, 2013 customers would get up to 4 games free on select Xbox 360 models. Also on offer are blockbuster titles such as Fable 3 and Halo Wars available at huge discounts.

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This Xbox bundle offer are available at retail stores across India in April, May and June. Consumers who buy a 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect, will get a Kinect Disneyland DVD, 2 DVDs of Your Shape Fitness and 1 DVD of Kinect Adventures free. With the purchase of a 250 GB Xbox 360 and Kinect, a Kinect Sports DVD, Kinect Adventures DVD, Dance Central 2 token and Minecraft token are bundled for free. And for those who buy a 250 GB Xbox 360, they get Darksiders II FPP, Batman AC Token, Gears of War 3 Token and Halo Reach Token.

Also on offer at retails stores are blockbuster titles at hugely discounted prices ranging between Rs. 699/- and Rs. 1199/-. So while the adults can indulge in some hardcore blood, gore and adventure, the kids get their own setup with a whole range of entertainment and fun options. The titles include Alan Wake, Fable 3, GOW1, Halo ODST, Halo Wars and Mass Effect @ Rs. 699/- each while Crackdown 2 and the GOW triple pack are tagged at a price of Rs. 1199/-.

Microsoft India also has limited copies of some very popular FY12 game titles at very special prices. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity where top games are available at a price range of Rs. 999/- to Rs. 1999/-. Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports Season 2 are available for Rs. 1499/-, and Dance Central Kinect Xbox for Rs. 1199/-.  Other titles include Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360, Dance Central 2 Xbox, Kinect Sports Xbox, and Kinect Sports Season 2 Xbox, Halo Combat Evolved Aniv Xbox at Rs. 1499 /- each and Forza 4 Standard Version Xbox and Gow 3 Standard Etd Xbox at Rs 1999 /- each.


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