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Yamaha PSR-E373 Music Keyboard Launched at Rs. 13,990

Yamaha Music today introduced Yamaha PSR-E373 Music Keyboard. The PSR-E373 is 61-key, touch-sensitive portable keyboard and comes with tone generator LSI for delivering an high-quality voices and tones. The PSR-E373 is an ideal first keyboard, perfect for both learning and performing.

Key Features of Yamaha PSR-E373:

  • It features a newly developed tone generator LSI that is claimed to deliver stunning improvements in sound quality as well as high-quality effects. With new LSI, you can enjoy a comprehensive library of 622 instrument Voices, perfect for playing any genre of choice, as well as unique Super Articulation Lite Voices that reproduce the trills and string noise of stringed instruments such as the cello and mandolin with amazing realism, for superbly authentic performances.
  • Super Articulation Lite Voices: This is a feature that reproduces the sounds of playing methods that are unique to specific acoustic instruments, which were previously difficult to emulate. For example, if you select a guitar voice, you can realistically reproduce sounds such as guitar distortion or the harmonics of nylon guitar strings.
  • It has a touch-sensitive keyboard that accurately reflects every nuance of your playing, making your performances more musically expressive. Play the keys heavily for louder tones, or softly to achieve quieter sounds, allowing for truly dynamic control of your music.
  • It comes with a DSP (“Digital Signal Processor”) that allows you to apply a variety of on-board effects to the sound and adapt it to your performance. When a Voice that features a recommended DSP setting is selected, the DSP effect is seamlessly applied to the main Voice.
  • It features an auto accompaniment function that automatically plays an appropriate backing (rhythm + bass + chord) accompaniment, which you can control simply by playing root notes or chords with your left hand.
  • You can choose from two ways to play chords: “Smart Chord,” which helps learners play chords with just one finger, or “Multi,” which lets you play chords normally, with all the constituent notes, once you progress.
  • Arpeggio function: Play back arpeggios (broken-down chords) automatically simply by playing the appropriate notes on the keyboard. This feature can be used creatively in music production as well as performance.
  • Lesson function: “Keys to Success” : This is based on teaching techniques shared with Yamaha over many years. You can select just the key phrases of the song—the ones you like most or need to work on—and practice them one by one. This lesson is ideal for beginning players. Each song consists of several steps. Each time you play all the way through the current step, your performance will be evaluated.
  • Clear LCD display and smart devices connectivity, Duo mode, Easy Song Book available for download
  • USB TO HOST allowing two-way MIDI and digital audio transfer
  • Melody Suppressor for both analog and digital audio input

The Yamaha PSR-E373 is priced Rs. 13990 and will be available in leading musical stores – Yamaha Music Squares and Yamaha authorized dealers, online partners ( Bajaao, Amazon).


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