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You Can Access Indian Railways Schedules on Google Maps Transit

Google has announced today that Indian Railways schedules as well as updated public transport information for eight Indian cities can be accessed now on Google Transit. Google Transit is a feature of Google Maps which helps you plan your public transport trips quickly and easily, and is available on Google Maps on your Android or iOS device, as well as on desktop. This update will enable you to see information for 12,000 trains, as well updated details for bus and metro routes from Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune.

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Google has explained in its press statement that ”to plan a trip with Google Transit, you can type your destination into Google Maps, click on the “Get Directions” button and then select the “Public Transit” icon to find which metro, train or bus options are available. Google Maps will then display door-to-door directions to the destination with the public transport options available including walking directions to and from transit points. You can also choose your preferred mode of transport, for example bus, metro or train, as well as the time you’d like to depart or arrive by, making it easier to plan your trip.”

Google Maps has public transportation schedules for more than one million transit stops worldwide, in 2,800 cities including New York, London, Tokyo and Sydney. Since 2005, Google has collaborated with hundreds of public transit agencies worldwide to make their schedule information accessible to all Google Maps users.


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