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YU Launches YUFIT Fitness Band & HealthYU Device For Measuring Body Parameters

Yu brand has forayed into the connected devices segment with the launch of YUFIT wristband, which basically is a fitness band and HEALTHYU device. These two devices were launched alongside the Yuphoria smartphone at an event in New Delhi.

YUFIT is  a wireless wristband that works in tandem with a dedicated HealthyfiMe app to monitor fitness levels, set alarms and reminders. This device encourage users to make a sustainable shift toward a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

micromax_yufit_bandYUFIT is a custom built solution that caters to the Indian body types and food habits, and is tailored based on your current physical, medical and motivational levels. You can set ‘Daily goals’ with the YUFIT app and watch yourself successfully achieve them on the dashboard. The unified interface lets you monitor steps walked, calories burnt and daily goals reached. The uniqueness of this app is that it also tracks how many calories have been gathered by the users by consuming Indian snacks and dishes.

With YUFIT, you can set alarm on the app to be woken up by soft band vibrations. You can also schedule ‘do not disturb’ slots on the app for the band and sleep easy. You can receive incoming calls on LCD display mounted on the band and by device vibrations. It gives instant alerts and forwards messages and notifications to the band for a quick viewing on the move.

Moreover, for users of YUFIT, the fitness experts are available 24 x 7 to provide guidance on how to reach your targets. YUFIT experts work with the user’s data to provide customized advice on a regular basis, and to keep the user motivated and help you set appropriate goals around food, exercise, and more.

The YUFIT will give tough competition to Xiaomi Mi Band, which was launched recently at the same price ( Rs. 999 ), but YUFIT comes with additional features and hence will have upper hand.

HEALTHYU is a pocket sized gadget which keeps track of the four vital body signs- Heart rate, Respiration rate, Blood Pressure and body temperature along with an ECG and blood oxygen saturation level. This can be fitted seamlessly at the back of any Android or iPhone smartphones. This sleek device empowers the consumers by letting them take charge of their well-being, literally at the press of their fingers.



This device connects with the HEALTHYU app through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Available on the App Store and YU devices, the app after successful installation, will pair with HEALTHYU sensor device to determine the ideal range of body vitals for the users based on their personal information such as gender, age, weight and height. To top it all, the device will help the user understand their health better by sorting the readings on a timeline and enable them to store their reading for keeping a track of their well-being over a longer time period.

HEALTHYU is easy to operate and just in 30 seconds, you can track your health. A White LED on the Power Switch glows for 30 seconds after the users turn it ON and hence enables the consumers to take reading within these 30 seconds. After the recording duration ends, one can see the Reading Card, which shows the measured values corresponding to each body vital and this can be shared with doctors / friends/peers at just the click of a button.

According to the company, HEALTHYU app obtains a comprehensive graph of your heart contractions wirelessly through the touch based sensors, installed on the smartpad and dynamically plots graph in real time. One can further zoom in on the resultant graph to spot abnormalities ahead of time and take precautionary action.

This smart device comes with a personalized dashboard space to take a new reading, look up the existing readings, and modify default settings. The user can set reminders for weekly or daily alerts. To secure your account, you can lock your dashboard to prevent other users from accessing your readings. The user can easily go to app settings, swipe “Security Lock” to toggle the dashboard security lock ON/OFF.

YUFIT and HEALTHYU are priced Rs. 999 and Rs. 4,999 respectively, and will be available from June 2015 through the official website www.yuplaygod.com. The registration for these devices will begin today. YU will provide free personal trainer to the first 1000 users of YUFIT.


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