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ZTE Partners With TCIL For Smart City & Indian Railways Solutions

ZTE, based in China and leading provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd.(TCIL) a leading Govt. of India Enterprise.


Under the memorandum of understanding, ZTE and TCIL will jointly work to drive the smart city solutions in India in line with Government initiatives & ICT solutions for Indian Railways, as stated by ZTE in its press release. ZTE will provide technology innovation, superior products and business solutions for setting up of Smart Cities in India and for upgradation of Indian Railways.

ZTE has vast experience of Smart City solutions as they have led Smart City construction in over 140 cities of 40 countries. ZTE shall take advantage of the PPP Mode recommended by the State Council and the Central Ministry , in which the government provides guiding funds, and support policies and cooperate with operators and social resources to construct and operate Smart Cities, said Dr Philip Liu, CEO ZTE INDIA.

ZTE is the first manufacturer in the industry to introduce LTE technology into the railway communication field and put it into commercial use. It is also unique in the industry, providing a multi-layer high-reliability global system for mobile communications – railway (GSM-R) solution that supports full system redundancy. ZTE’s LTE/GSM-R system supports multi-layer backup mechanisms, such as network-layer backup, link-layer backup, and board-layer backup, providing high reliability of a single device and avoiding single-point failures in the network, ensuring a reliable and smooth railway communication network, adds the statement of the company.

ICT integration is a key development trend for future railway modernization. ZTE iRail solution not only improves the efficiency of railway operation but also provides passengers with an improved experience, resulting in improved transport capacity, customer experience, and increased profitability for railway companies said Mr.Chen Shaojun SVP ZTE INDIA.

Mr. Vimal Wakhlu Chairman & Managing Director TCIL said, “It is a proud moment for us to announce the partnership with ZTE. ZTE & TCIL together are fully confident in the development of its Smart City & Railways business in India in the coming years”.

TCIL is the first company in India which was awarded the work for designing, supplying, installation, testing & commissioning of GSM based mobile train Radio communication system for Eastern Railway, adds Mr. Wakhlu.


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