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ZTE To Use Celltick Smart Start Screen On Its Android Devices

downloadZTE, the giant China based group manufacturing Android smartphone, has selected Celltick, a global leader in mobile marketing to power the start screen of its Android devices based on the Start platform. With the use of Celltick Smart Screen on its Android devices, ZTE claims it will be able to provide its users with an enhanced and a unique user experience that allows them to easily access the most relevant features and information rapidly.

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Start is a next-generation intelligent Android interface that has been designed and developed to provide users with what they want when they wake up their phone. With Start, users can quickly launch apps of their choice, get a quick view into their social media networks, news feeds, music services and multimedia on their device. Users can also personalize their start screen with stickers and play interactive games with the newly introduced lockgames. Start’s analytics engine uses a big data platform and proprietary recommendation algorithms that aid in adapting the screen to users based on how they use their device, as stated by the company in its press statement.

The Start ecosystem includes hundreds of themes, plug-ins, stickers and lockgames. Start has been adopted by large operators, OEMs and media companies who distribute over 100M devices around the globe. In 2014, Celltick powered billions of mobile-initiated commerce transactions for virtual and physical goods serving more than 150 million active consumers across 25 countries.

“We are excited to collaborate with a market leader like ZTE to offer best-in-class products to Android users around the world”, said Ronen Daniel, CEO of Celltick. “This partnership is a testament of Celltick’s capabilities in providing solutions to leading device manufacturers that create differentiation. Start enables partners like ZTE to provide higher value to their customers and create brand loyalty. We are proud to have been selected by ZTE in driving adoption of our technology on tens of millions of Android devices globally.”


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