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Zymky – Not ALL Finance Managing Apps Are An Eyesore!

Managing your day to day finance has everything to do with numbers, figures, charts and what not. With every penny you spend, there’s an additional overhead of keeping a track of it. Although the smartphones have made all this a lot easier however, when it comes to book-keeping majority of android applications fall flat and focus entirely on all the numbers calculations involved. Result, boring as it is, all this finance ‘stuff’ gets even more monotonous. This is where Zymky tries to make a mark.


Featuring tag line, “Zesty way of financing”, Zymky aims to lessen all the tension surrounding number management with a popping design language. It doesn’t try to push too much information down your throat rather follows a more minimalistic approach. To give you an idea of how things look (before you install the app yourself 😉 ), sharing some screenshots,

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I have been following the app since its launch in July, 2015. The developers started with what can be called as an app with bare minimum functionalities, add & remove transactions. That’s it. However, what made me stick with it was developers claim to build over it slowly, and correctly since then it has picked up a number of features and functionalities. In it’s current avatar, Zymky allows you to,

  • Record transactions (including ability to add recurring behaviour)
  • Analyse income and expense spending (top 4 categories for each are shown)
  • Monthly budgeting
  • Backing up and restoring to user’s Google account, and more.

With all this said, Zymky still has a long way to go. In terms of the things it can (or can’t do), there isn’t a particular way of saying it. It can do the basic book keeping very well without overwhelming you with plethora of extraneous options. For the power user, there’s still a lot of code work that needs to be done. The good part is that developers are open to feature requests and do, in-fact, implement them. I’d say hit the install button below and give it a shot! And for the power users, if you can stick it out then you are in for a treat in near future!

Oh, did I mention that it is free to download 🙂

Android App Play Store Link


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