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10 Choicest Android Apps For The Week

The end of yet another week has brought up a new list of apps offered by Android for its smartphone and tablet users. This range of apps includes free and paid apps and games offered by Android. Following are the ten most highly placed Android apps for this week.

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Humble Bundle 6:

For the game lovers, Android based gadget provides the most accepted game of Humble Bundle which spreads like a plague among the gamers. The most updated version is still available for gamers with a similarity in pattern with Fractal, Aquaria, Stealth Bastard and Organ Trail: “Director’s cut” for purchasing the game based on the collection. For those of you who are willing to shred extra bucks, you can avail of the Broken Sword: “Director’s cut” and Frozen Synapse along with the Max/ Windows/ Linux versions and the soundtracks.

“Soundwave Music Discovery”:

Soundwave, an Irish company, has initiated the noble idea of discovering innovative music through the channels of tastemakers and friends. The app normally shares and tracks songs through Rdio and Spotify and the Android device that you own, displaying others’ play and charts.

Monsters University:

Disney has finally launched its official mobile gaming experience in Pixar/ Disney based movie- the Monsters University. It consists of paired up games which belong to the “endless runner” genre. While “Catch Archie” helps you to chase rival mascot “Archie-the Scare Pig”, “Toxicity challenge” takes you through sewers, trying to avoid “glow-urchins” in the process.

“Where’s My Mickey?”

After two successive hits like “Where’s My Perry?” and “Where’s My Water?”, Disney has launched a new game on the same premises named “Where’s My Mickey?” in this game, Mickey collects water from over 100 levels which is divided into episodes of five. There are two versions for this “in-app”- the smaller, smartphone version and the larger version with extra levels for the tablet.

Gangstar Vegas:

This game has its roots in the “Grand Theft Auto series”, making it a strong competitor on the Android based phones. The most advanced form of the game has eighty missions to be carried out in a Las Vegas setting with affluence of cars and weapons. The tact for murder are a copy from the GTS but there is doubt as to whether the humor has also been copied.


Although the life of Rockmelt began with web browser for desktop focused on social media, it has drifted to the mobile version. The Android based app for the mobile version helps the user to locate and share all that is newsworthy, viral, interesting and cute or awesome, providing facility for Twitter and Facebook options. This is an apt Mobile browser for the “buzzfeed” generation.

Scribblenauts Remix:

Now Android tablets can avail of the puzzle based games by Warner Bros. This game includes fifty levels of characters and objects for solving the puzzles.

Izik Search:

This is basically a search-engine based app for Android gadgets which has very little relevance as far as search is concerned. It promises “fun and functional” search, with results organized into categories, and a gesture-based user interface to quickly swipe between them.


This Android app is based on CPU “Identification Software” for PC. This app provides all relevant data about your computer which includes “System on Chip name”, clock speeds and architecture; model and brand of the device, the resolution of the screen; storage and RAM; along with the battery status, temperature and level.

Si Revolution:

This is an alternative-keyboard based app released by SnapKeys. To bring an end to the use of “QWERTY” layout, this keyboard makes a simplified approach to reach out to all age groups.

It is high time you make use of at least a few of these apps, especially those that come for free to experience the best in technology. Although, this list will change next week again, make the most of the ones that are available in the list today.


Author : Alisa Martin is a proficient writer on technology related articles. She has vast experience in this particular field. To read her articles, please visit www.FreeSocial.TV



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