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10 Useful Alexa Features

If you are an owner of Amazon Echo or any other Alexa built-in device then you must have realised by now how useful is Alexa in your day-to-day life. Listed below are some useful features of Alexa:

#1 Wake up to your favourite tunes with music alarms 

Alexa can help you set your favourite song or genre as your alarm tone. Just say “Alexa, wake me up at 6 AM to Kishore Kumar Songs”, Alexa, wake me up at 9:30 AM to Please don’t stop the music by Rihaana”, or “Alexa, set an alarm for 5 AM to devotional songs“.

#2 Workout with Alexa

Alexa can be a great workout buddy for you by helping you stay fit. Just ask “Alexa, play Bollywood workout playlist”, “Alexa, help me do yoga”, “Alexa, open Daily Stretch” or “Alexa, start a five minute plank”. 

#3 Family game time with Alexa

To have a crazy family game time, just say “Alexa, open Akinator” and let it read your mind, “Alexa, play impossible Bollywood quiz” for all the Bollywood lovers, “Alexa, open Number Guessing Game” or “Alexa, play true or false” and exercise your brain cells.

#4 Laugh the boredom away with Easter eggs and delighters

Alexa can be a great buddy for that daily dose of laughter with a host of delighters and Easter eggs. To get started, say “Alexa, it’s the time to disco”, “Alexa, tell me a joke” or “Alexa, beatbox for me”. Have a good laugh by turning to Hindi Jokes that you can enjoy with your family. Just ask “Alexa, open Hindi Jokes”. You can also ask Alexa for specific jokes to crack up your loved ones. All the Rajni fans, say “Alexa, tell me a Rajnikant joke” 

#5 Alexa can help you learn something new, everyday

Alexa can be your daily ‘gyan guru’ as well by teaching you new things every day. She can help you with facts about cricket, science, history, space, or general knowledge. To get started, ask “Alexa, tell me about the Mughal Dynasty”, “Alexa, who is the God of cricket?” or “Alexa, give me a science fact”.

#6 Bring out your inner master chef by trying new recipes with Alexa

Simply ask Alexa for step-by-step cooking instructions by saying “Alexa, give me the recipe for Palak Paneer” or “Alexa, start recipe for Chocolate cake”, and Alexa will walk you through popular recipes curated by star chef, Sanjeev Kapoor.

To get the best experience you can also use instructions like “Alexa, pause”, “Alexa, play”, “Alexa, next step” and “Alexa, repeat step” — removing the need to manually reference recipes while your hands are busy with food. You can also set a timer or ask for nutrition information of food items. Just ask, “Alexa, what is the nutrition in banana?” or “Alexa, how many calories in a mango”

#7 Get to know your mythology with Alexa 

Just say “Alexa, start Ramayan Katha” to listen to one of your favorite memories from childhood.

Alexa can also help you summon a spiritual experience at home. To get started just say “Alexa, start Hanuman Chalisa”, “Alexa, play devotional songs” or “Alexa, play morning bhajans”.

#8 Unwind and relax with Alexa

With skills like Headspace, you can build a daily meditation practice, create the conditions for a better night’s sleep, or go on guided walks and runs. To get started just say “Alexa, open Headspace” and make it an everyday habit. Simply ask “Alexa, tell Headspace I’m ready to meditate”. You can also ask “Alexa, help me relax”, “Alexa, help me meditate”, “Alexa, help me sleep” or Alexa, play soothing music”.

#9 Enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies on Echo devices with screens 

You can use your Echo device with screen to catch up on movies and shows by asking for a movie or your favourite actor films, a specific TV show, or any genre of content. To get started say “Alexa, play Kuch Kuch Hota hai from Prime Video”, “Alexa, start the movie Good Newz”, “Alexa, show Kareena Kapoor movies” or “Alexa, play Peppa Pig” or “Alexa, resume Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”. 

#10 Make your life easier by paying bills with Alexa

You could pay your utility bills using Alexa, whether its electricity, water, post-paid mobile, cooking gas or even broadband or DTH bills. Users of Amazon Echo, Fire TV Stick and other devices with Alexa built-in can just say “Alexa, pay my mobile bill” or “Alexa, pay my electricity bill” to get started.


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