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2G Scam – End Of The Road For UPA Government

Current Finance Ministry, Pranab Mukherjee, letter to PMO about role of  ex-Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, who is currently Home Minister has opened Pandora’s box for the ruling party. Ghost of 2G scam will keep them haunting from time to time as lot of high profile people are involved in this scam of gigantic proportion. It is another matter that only two politicians and few business honchos are cooling their heels in Tihar Jail. It is a pity that other persons who are also involved in the scam are still enjoying freedom and ministries. Our home minister should not hesitate to take moral responsibility for the inaction for whatever motives and should resign immediately and come clean and only then he should reclaim the ministry.

There is also possibility of rift between current FM and ex-FM and current HM and that is the reason for disclosing the contents of  letter sent to PMO. Anything is possible is politics which is a dirty game.

Prime Minister should not be mute spectator to emerging developments and should exert his position and bold enough to ask HM to clear his stand and till then say goodbye to him. Even Prime Minister does not have any moral authority to continue in the chair because his key ministers are involved in the scams and citizens at large have lost confidence in the current dispensation. The image of the government is at lowest ebb and in order to regain confidence of the public, this government should go to the electorates and start fresh inning with honest ministers. If the government do not take this step then stigma of   this scam of 2G  shall not allow this government to complete its tenure and countrymen should be prepared for mid-term general elections which could be in 2012.


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