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2G Scam – Another Entrant To VIP Jail?

At last Congress Bureau of Investigation oops! Central Bureau of Investigation has decided to frame charges against ex-telecommunication minister- Dayanidhi Maran. CBI has now found enough evidence to frame charges against ex-minister. CBI has taken sufficient time and energy to finally come to the conclusion that evidence gathered by them merit framing of charges. Why premier investigating agency take so much time in the case of VIP especially ministers or ex-ministers especially if they belong to allied parties of the government, to investigate even if the matter involving them of stupendous gravity. Probably, they want to give sufficient time to the accused to be prepared for eventualities and destroy/remove evidences as best they can.

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The government should not wait for such a long time and should  investigate on top priority even a high profile minister irrespective of his or her party affiliations. The present government is already accused of turning blind eye when the scams after scams were taking place right under its nose. Now is the time for the government to redeem its reputation and show intent and determination to bring guilty under the knife. No leniency should be shown to anybody irrespective of their stature. Enough is enough.

It is also the moral duty of any serving minister to come clean if any aspersions have been cast on his/her role in 2G scam. Nobody should escape the investigation by taking plea on technical grounds. On the contrary, the person in question should voluntarily present himself before the investigating agencies and take clean chit. Otherwise such minister  does not have moral right to continue as a minister. His stature will rise to great heights if he submits himself of his own accord before the law. Hope our accused ministers still have their conscience alive and they will not hesitate to retrieve their stature from the debris. If their conscience still does not prick them then the government should dump tainted ministers to the dustbin.


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