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7 Industries That Depend On Panasonic Toughbook Everyday

The Panasonic Toughbook Series has been transforming the way numerous industries work, radically changing the way they bring value to their customers. From Automotive industry to Defence, from Aviation to Manufacturing, countless sectors have improved their productivity by employing Toughbook series. The harsh work environment of most of these industries makes it virtually impossible to utilize normal computers. Let’s look at some of the challenges they face and how Panasonic Toughbook helped to solve them.

  1. Automotive

The Automotive industry faces significant daily challenges. Be it Research and Development of vehicles and engines, for Computer Simulations, for Recording, and Evaluating the Telematic data during test drives, there’s a lot that’s going on in the Automotive industry that requires the reliability and durability of Toughbook series.

Auto giants like Mercedes-AMG employ the robust Panasonic Toughbook series when collecting data in their monitoring vehicles. The AMG was in search for long-lasting and durable field notebooks for measuring and applications in the area of vehicle development. The Toughbooks outperformed the life expectancy by at least six times.

  1. Manufacturing

Competitive manufacturing today relies heavily on the capabilities of manufacturers to run the leanest operations possible. Digitising your operations using machine-to-machine communication is the way forward. Panasonic Toughbook series is the perfect fit for applications such as Production lines, Production warehousing management, and Maintenance-Repair & Operations (MRO).

Panasonic designed and built a versatile Automotive Mobile Test Solution (AMTS) which was based on the rugged tablets of Toughpad series. This AMTS was designed for one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturer.

  1. Engineering

The Engineering industry works hand in hand with the hostile work environments. Even operations such as Customer Service and Internal Processes face unique challenges. By bringing high performance, world-class connectivity, portability, and unparalleled durability to the engineering sector, Panasonic Toughbook is making the industry more productive and profitable.

The entire Internal Process of Barloworld Handling was optimised by quickly reading out, adjusting and repairing transportation appliances with the help of Panasonic Toughbook Series.

  1. Defence

The Defence sector expects nothing short of consistent optimum performance, even while facing the most unforgiving of environments. There are no compromises here. The challenges are numerous. Such as access to data in the real time, while facing challenging situations. And to perform Asset Management and Logistical Organisation at an optimum level.

The Panasonic Toughbook series helped evolve the Defence Training for the British Army. They helped merge Virtual Reality with live training exercises to bring the battlefield reality to their training centres.

  1. Healthcare

Panasonic Toughbook series is the technology solution for the 21st century. The Healthcare sector faces incredible challenges in terms of safe access to reliable patient information and medical history. And access to speedy and critical data on the move. The Toughbook series have notebooks that are uniquely designed for healthcare, such as Panasonic Toughbook CF-XZ6.

The Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the UK has streamlined and protected their patient data by going digital. The records which were previously maintained physically are now kept in a central digital database, ensuring a high level of security. The Panasonic Toughbook proved to be a true companion of the staff while facing real risks of drops, bumps, spills, and contamination in the hospital.

  1. Aviation

The Toughbook series have helped Aviation industry with multiple challenges. From maintenance and repair services in the hangars to the last minute maintenance job on the airfield, the Toughbooks have been a crucial to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the field staff, both in the air and on the ground.

Panasonic Toughbooks are utilized by numerous Aviation companies like BAE Systems. BAE uses Toughbooks to service their Typhoon Jets.

  1. Telecom

There are marked challenges that any Telecom company faces on a daily basis. Incorporating numerous job functions, the industry faces a real demand for access to data and applications. There is a clear need for the ability to diagnose and maintain digital networks. These operations are to be performed consistently and most times in unforgiving conditions.

The communication giant BT faced the difficulties of lack of communication channels between the technicians, network engineers and other members of its 30,000 strong field workforce. The Panasonic Toughbook’s robust laptops with the capacity of individual configuration were the solution to its troubles.

The world over, the Panasonic Toughbook series is helping change face of industries. From hostile work environments to the need to improve efficiency, the Panasonic Toughbook is playing a pivotal role in improving business processes across industries. PNot just meeting the expectations of specialist looking to drive their productivity into the next gear, but exceeding these expectations beyond their imagination.


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