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a-Jays One In-Ear Earphone – Stunning Treble, Bass Experience [Review]

I have been always enticed by the positive reviews a-Jays One have got. Previously I used sony in-ear earphone user and was pretty much satisfied with them. However, the a-Jays One were growing on me!

Courtesy MobileFun, I had a-Jays One at my disposal. And to tell the truth, I can’t wait to share my experience! Coming straight to the point, the packaging of a-Jays One was innately beautiful and rock solid spherical black box. I was in love with the packaging of a-Jays One straightaway. Though it really doesn’t matter how the product is wrapped up but seriously you’d love to see the comforts in which a-Jays One arrive to your door steps from manufacturer.

Moving on the real deal. For easier readability, I have segregated my review into different sections. Enjoy the read!


Earphone’s, be it even iPhone headphones ;), are pretty much limited to a fixed number of designs with flat wires being the latest. a-Jays One has flat wires which, apart from looking sleek, avoid the mingling of wires thus saving you from certain headache. Tangled wires take up a good amount of your music listening time to get them sorted out but such is not the case with flat wires. Not a killer addition but a welcome feature increasingly becoming popular amongst earphone manufacturer’s.

Ear Tips, 3mm Jack

a-Jays One are in-ear earphone’s. This means there’s a degree of voice cancellation because the sound is being delivered directly to your ear canal. Plus to get a good seal with ears, a-Jays One comes with varying sizes of ear tips. One out of which will surely fit in perfectly for (variations are good). Another thing I noticed was comparatively to other in-ear earphone’s I have, a-Jays One has a slightly larger “in-ear” portion. That is to say, the penetration of ear tips is slightly more, which means even better seal and relatively better music experience.

Now, you must be wondering why the heck did I mention 3mm Jack in heading? Every earphone/headphone has a 3mm Jack, what’s so great about a-Jays One?

The reason why I mentioned 3mm Jack was the design factor of the jack itself rather than it’s inclusion. If you notice the attached images closely, you’ll notice that the 3mm Jack has a wire extending sideways rather than top of it. This actually is a very good. Usually what happens is the straight wire extensions tend to bend and break off when you carry them in pocket’s or tight compartments. However, the sideways extending wire will make sure that such a scenario doesn’t occur.

A certain plus point to a-Jays One.

Real Deal – a-Jays One Performance

I should have probably covered this section earlier. If the earphone’s fail to impress your ear’s, enhance music listening experience then there’s no point in even discussing about anything else. Fortunately, we haven’t wasted out time discussing about design and other things. Apart from all that a-Jays One do impress when if comes to sound delivery.

I’ll stick to basics, not sounding too geeky. The treble delivery capacity of a-Jays One is just exceptional. While testing new earphone’s I usually listen to trance music and look out for how detailed do the instruments sound. Ashley Wallbridge being my first choice, as always, I cranked up the “Ibiza” track. 45 seconds into the song and I was impressed with a-Jays One hands-down. Sound clarity, treble, bass were all good.

Coming to the bass, In my opinion it’s the usage of a-Jays One which will affect bass delivery. Took me 3 trials to get the right ear tip and good seal with my ears to experience a-Jays One bass capabilities. Plus I had exert mild pressure from outside, on ear phone’s. So, yes it becomes a tad bit difficult to experience true bass but once you get a good seal, it’s all thump-thump-thump 😉

To say the least a-Jays One have replaced my old Sony in-ear earphones (they served me well). I would most certainly recommend a-Jays One to anyone looking to buy in-ear earphone’s at affordable price.

Short Un-boxing Video Of a-Jays One

a-Jays One is available for £24.99 and can be purchased directly from MobileFun online store – Buy a-Jays One


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