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Ademero Document Management Software (Review)

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ademero. All opinions are 100% mine.

Document management is critical aspect of any organization that wishes to get itself organized. Area’s like customer service, business continuity, effective collaboration, etc all have the involvement of effective document management. In today’s extremely ‘app’ dependent atmosphere, users want the simplicity of a departmental solution, with simple to configure applications, on the other hand corporations want the consistent control and compliance of a scalable, robust content management system.

Traditional document management has its roots in complex document vaults accessed by designated librarians. These have historically been developed as large, complex, enterprise software applications which in turn have been costly, complex and difficult to use. Defeating the whole purpose of what users are looking for. This is where the need for a robust document management and workflow solution arises.

Overcoming all the afore mentioned bottlenecks, Ademer’s Document Management And Workflow Solutions comes into play. Ademero works as a complete package for your business organisation by offering a variety of combinations for document storage, classification, authentication (essentially security), et al. As a matter of fact, Ademero goes one step ahead in doing all this by providing the ability to electronically manage the documents, thus implementing extremely useful functionalities like version control, digital signing and more.

Complementing all this is Ademero’s content central application. Designed especially to increase usability front and reduce document management headache, Content Central sets the standard for document management and workflow solutions.

How Content Central Is Helpful

Using content central users can access and interact with the application by logging in using a preferred web browser of their choice (from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). Every operation occurs within the browser-based interface, which includes capturing, indexing, and retrieving documents to approving and distributing them.

Now that was about the ease of access, the ability to use a browser itself has many benefits a browser-based application has to offer, including quick deployment, controlled and logged access, and remote connectivity. To administrators, they can install Content Central on a single Microsoft Windows server or across multiple servers for performance. After user accounts have been defined, users connect from available Windows, Mac, or Linux computers on the network.

Content Central – Managing Everything Inside Out

Inside Content Central you can create documents using PDF based electronic forms. Documents and other files can be captured from document scanners, network folders, e-mail accounts, or user interaction. Content Central converts scanned images into fully searchable PDF files, and all documents can be retrieved using content keywords and other index information based on the type of document. Integrated e-mail and fax tools allow you and your team to distribute documents without requiring external software.

A powerful workflow engine can manage your information behind the scenes based on system events or schedules. Best of all, you receive every feature for one affordable price, paying only by the number of users required. There aren’t any confusing add-on modules to worry about.

To Sum it Up

Talking about document management and workflow solution and discussing what all it has to offer and/or is capable of doing. That being said, experiencing the acutal working is of utmost importance. There’s no need to blindly accept what has been said and told. As a user as well as emplyer, I’d recommend you to take Ademero’s Content Central for a drive. Experience live demostration and see for yourself how it actually goes!

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