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An App For Advanced Mobile File Sharing

With the recent release of Apple’s new iPhone 5s and iOS 7 (in addition to the colorful 5c), there’s been a great deal of discussion on two topics in particular: security, and file sharing.

This is largely because two of the specific features making the biggest waves in Apple’s new mobile product line are the fingerprint scanner included on the iPhone 5s home button, and the AirDrop feature that comes with iOS 7. The fingerprint scanner adds a new, presumably hack-proof layer of security to your mobile phone, and has major implications for future applications in online payments and various other practices that require security. AirDrop, meanwhile, is a quick method of sharing messages, contacts, music, and other information simply by “dropping” it through the air to a compatible device within sensing range.

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However, despite the convenience and benefits these new Apple features offer, it’s important to note that they still don’t solve security, data storage and file sharing needs as thoroughly as independent services designed to help with these issues. This is why even with a brand new iPhone 5s in your pocket, you might do well to subscribe to and download the Sharefile app, which is designed to give you a fully protected method of managing your files from your mobile device. Here are some of the specific features and benefits offered by this service :

  • File Folder Syncing – Easily save files of up to 10 GB to folders via the Sharefile cloud, allowing you to access the same folders from various devices.
  • Secure Datacenters – Your cloud data is stored in SSAE 16 audited facilities, ensuring their digital security.
  • Encryption – Your every file transfer and communication conducted via the Sharefile app is encrypted and password protected, if you so desire.
  • Folder Control – If releasing a folder or communication to a group, you have full control over which users can and cannot see that folder.
  • App & Widget Use – In addition to these security features, Sharefile also comes equipped with easy desktop widgets and app for simple use across your devices.

In short, the Sharefile app is an example of an advanced file sharing service that offers you a comprehensive set of security and convenience benefits. It’s not that users are naive enough to believe that the new features being offered by Apple are truly offering complex file transfer capability or advanced security benefits; however, with the thrill of these new features, it could be easy to grow complacent with regard to these mobile needs. Keep in mind that when dealing with sensitive files, a professional external service is still the best option.


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