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Ajit Singh Joins UPA & Tipped To Be Civil Aviation Minister – Mockery Of Ministerial Distribution!

Congress has inducted Ajit Singh of RLD, in UPA, who has with him 5 members of parliament from UP, on the behest of Rahul Gandhi, who is spending all his energies in UP to dethrone Mayawati despite the fact that he will fail miserably in his Mission Elimination and there are chances that he will be eliminated from UP.

What are the credentials of Ajit Singh? He is supposed to be representative of jats of UP and knows a little bit about problems of farmers of UP. But the question is what he knows about civil aviation sector, which he is going to head shortly.

Our Prime Minister, oh sorry!, Sonia Gandhi must know that civil aviation sector is passing through turbulent time and need of the hour is to appoint some expert and professional to head this ministry, who could ensure that all the airlines have smooth sailings.

I fail to understand how this Jat leader will understand the problems of Air India, who was once Maharaja but now reduced to a pauper courtesy inefficient and wrong decisions taken for ulterior motives by previous civil aviation minister- Praful Kumar and  Kingfisher Airlines- which has forgotten how to  run it and how not to repay huge loaned amount. How Mr. Ajit Singh will argue with shrewd businessman like Vijay Mallay and other tycoons, it is anybody`s guess.

Why this government is bent upon doing one blunder after another? Have they forgotten the art of administration and are they so detached from day to day happenings. If they had to give reward to Ajit Singh for joining UPA, they should have fixed his pension or paid good lumpsum amount, but by giving him sensitive ministry like Civil Aviation, they are sending untrained person to pilot state- of- the art Jumbo 777 aircraft and only God can save this adventurous flight!


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