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Amkette EvoTV 2 Review : Affordable Media Streaming Device To Add Smartness To Your TV



Indian technology company has come out with advanced version of Android media streaming box known as Amkette Evo TV 2 which adds zing to your TV and makes it smarter with plethora of features. The highlight of Amkette Evo TV 2 box is that it is affordable media sreaming gadget and at just Rs. 6,499, you get host of avenues for getting entertained.


Amkette Evo TV 2 has very compact design and it is small box which can be easily put alongside your TV.


This box has combination of black color with matt finish on the top with glossy sideways and base of orange color which give it nice look. This box is light weight and has good build quality.


The Evo TV2 comes with various ports on two sideways to meet all your requirements. On the one side, their are slots for USB , SPDIF, AV , HDMI, Ethernet and 5V power. On the other side of the box, their are three slots for USB for connecting external accessories such as storage drives, keyboard and mouse. With SD/MMC card slot, you can view your photos and videos from your phone or digital camera. We tested this aspect repeatedly during our testing of this device and it went very well.


In the box, you will find all the necessary accessories and documentation for easy set-up of this device with your TV. The accessories include :  Remote control with three AAA battey, Power adapter, USB IR receiver, HDMI cable, Quick start guide and 30 minutes setup guide. It is very easy to set-up EvoTV 2 with your TV thanks to useful documentation and the included HDMI cable. The Evo TV 2 can be rightly described as plug and play device.


Amkette Evo TV 2 is packed with decent hardware. It is powered by an ARM Cortex A5 1.6GHz quad-core processor and dedicated Mali 450 GPU coupled with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, which can be used for installing apps and can also be used temporarily for content streaming. This streaming device has Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth 4.0 and Airplay (for iOS devices) features and can be used for streaming content from laptop or smartphone without any issues. For an immersive enertainment exprerience, you can also connect Bluetooth headphone to your TV.

The USP of the Evo TV 2 is that it has easy to use interface and runs on Android KitKat 4.4.2 with Amkette’s own developed interface over Android. Despite the fact that this media streaming device uses old version of Android yet it does not effect its performance and you can still enjoy using Android apps on the large screen. You can download entire range of apps either from Google Play Store or the Amkette TV App Store which is complete with curated content. We have used various downloaded apps such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Chrome etc. on the TV and surprisingly all of them worked very well.

The added advantage of this streaming device is that it comes pre-loaded with host of streaming apps such as Netflix, HotStar, Hooq, Saavn, Eros Now etc. and you would be required to buy their subscription to use them. The other apps that come pre-loaded are NDTV, BBC News and much more and all of them can be uninstalled also if you want to save space on the internal storage of 8GB.

The EvoTV2 is a full HD movie streaming device and you can play 1080p full HD movies without any lag or stutters. You can use the TV connected with this device as a large screen for internet access which works like a breez. You can open any website on the TV and also log in to your social profile with an ease. Except for few websites which took considerable time to open probably due to great amount of graphics, rest of the websites opened quite quickly.

This device can be controlled by Dual Mode remote control which is another plus point of Evo TV 2. This can be used as a normal Remote with regular direction keys and multimedia control shortcut keys to navigate the on-screen menu. It can also be used by waving it in the air with your wrist and it works for most of the time. The Remote control is made of light plastic and you have to handle it very carefully lest it gets broken. We are not complaining on this aspect keeping in view of price constraint of the maker.

To sum up, the Evo TV 2 is the best possible Android based affordable media streaming device available in the market. Priced at Rs. 6,499 this is an ideal for streaming content and converting your TV (if it is HDMI capable) to smart TV without any hassles. Despite the fact that it runs on jaded Android KitKat OS, it still provides plethora of Android apps to experience on the large screen of synced TV. It provided ease of operation and comes with an amazing interface. The nearest competition to this is Google Chromecast 2.


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