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Amkette Super Slim Power Bank Launched At Rs. 1395

Amkette today announced the launch of its Super Slim Emergency Power Bank at Rs. 1395. Amkette Super Slim comes with a connector which enables sharing your favourite device with everyone else; whether it’s an android phone or all generations of iPhones; from the iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 6 plus.


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The Amkette Super Slim power bank has thickness of 6.7mm, and its card sized design makes it an ideal to carry around without feeling the extra baggage. The power bank comes with five layers of protection that are overload protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over voltage protection and short circuit protection.

It is compatible with a wide range of devices like smartphones, tablets, cameras, handheld gadgets.It  has an in-built micro USB cable so no need to carry separate cables. It also has a compartment built in to store the wires. It also has extremely efficient Lithium Polymer batteries which are optimized to give you maximum efficiency even after keeping it idle for 30 days.

The power bank comes with LED indicators. Lights light up red while charging and turn blue when charged fully to give you an easy and convenient status indication. You can charge your portable device and the power bank at the same time without spending time individually on both to make life faster. The device stays charged for several weeks when not used.


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