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Ampere Vehicles Expands its Pan-India EV Network By Adding 23 New Dealerships

To increase its footprint pan-india, Ampere Vehicles known for electric scooters and which is wholly owned subsidiary of Greaves Cotton, has added 23 new dealerships across the country since September 2019. With this expansion, buyers will now have access to high performing e-scooters that are eco-friendly with running cost as low as 15 paise per kilometer. These new dealerships are loacted in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan.

Speaking about the launch of dealerships across India, P Sanjeev, COO, Ampere Vehicles, said, “Our range of Electric scooters suits all types of riders, from young to old, youthful trendy buyers, comfort seekers to busy business riders and have crossed 50,000 sales across India. We are already present in 180+ towns and cities and expanding our footprint further. The new expansion of our retail network along with the launch of new trendy euro design models such as Reo Elite is a testament to our mission of reaching out to millions of commuters who want to switch to clean mobility with smart, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. We will continue to introduce world-class electric scooters that are not only affordable but also built for high performance.”

Ampere’s e-scooters include the fast selling hi-speed EV ‘Zeal’ – along with medium to low-speed models like V-48 LA, Magnus 60, Reo LA and REO Li.

According to Ampere Vehicles, their Zeal became one of the fast selling electric scooters in the high-speed segment. In the last 10 years, Ampere Vehicles has sold electric scooters to over 50,000 users. To mark the milestone, Ampere vehicles has announced a host of consumer-friendly offers including free insurance scheme for high-speed ‘Zeal’ electric scooter besides the FAME-II benefit and free accessories up to Rs 1000 on other vehicle models.


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