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UC Browser Launches New Version for Increased Mobile Data Saving

UC Browser has recently launched a new version that allows increased mobile data saving option for users. This announcement comes soon after UC Browser was part of mobile market data and analytics firm App Annie’s list of Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps of the Decade. According to App Annie, UC Browser is the only browser in the ranking and beats other popular browsers to rank No. 8 in the Top 10 Apps by All-Time Downloads worldwide for the decade. It is also worth noting that 8 out of 10 Apps in the ranking are owned by US companies while UC is the one of the two non-US Apps as stated by cfeator of UC Browser in its press statement.

UC Browser is being preferred as users feel it runs faster while saving more mobile data, making it a better option in some fast-growing markets such as India and Indonesia. UC Browser boasts of over 200% faster download speed while downloading videos and applications, and can save up to 80% mobile data on while viewing images, watching videos or reading news, as compared to its previous version. The updated version also makes it easier and faster for users to discover content across categories with its 20 distinct channels that cover entertainment, sports, fashion, celebrities and various other categories of content in 15 key languages for Indian users, adds the statement of the company.

By detecting the type of internet connection you have, the device you are using, and what webpage you are browsing, UC Browser fetches the most suitable version of the webpage for you. With Version, users can play and watch videos while it is downloading in the background. Video download will pause if the user loses internet connection and automatically resume once the user reconnects to Wi-Fi. With its file Download Resumption function, active file downloads that are interrupted can be resumed automatically. UC Browser can modify image size according to different devices to enable users to save more mobile data, especially when browsing image-rich websites. Moreover, with its Pre-loading Feature, UC Browser allows users to preload videos while they are on Wi-Fi network and watch them later when they are on mobile data. UC Browser is also enhancing its ad-blocking feature that allows users to block majority of ads on the webpages and save huge amount of cellular data.

UC Browser is the flagship product of UCWeb, part of Alibaba. Over the last couple of years, UC Browser has redefined the role of a modern mobile browser as a content aggregator and distributor with the launch of its content platform. UC Browser recently reported over 1.1 billion user downloads worldwide (excluding China) with half of its global installs from India.

The latest version of UC Browser can be downloaded from Google Play.


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