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Install Unsigned Applications On Nokia S60v5 Phones

UPDATE: First procure certificate and key by following the instructions given here.

I recently bought a Nokia 5230 phone. After playing with it for few days, i started looking for ways to install unsigned applications (As Nokia trademark Symbian OS now requires signed applications only). After searching the internet and googling around for a while, i came to know of the following 2 solutions to solve this problem.

Initial Requirements

For the first method you will need the unique certificate and key for your mobile. These can be acquired by the site of OPDA and applying for the same. Once you get hold of the certificate and key, follow the procedure given below.

Using BiNPDA’s FreeSigner And HelloOX2

  1. Install BiNPDA’s FreeSigner (File can be found below) in your mobile phone’s memory card.
  2. Copy the certificate, key (acquired from OPDA) and HelloOX2 (File can be found below) to any (accessible) folder on the memory card.
  3. After installing, open FreeSigner (in your mobile phone).
  4. Click on option -> settings.
  5. In the settings screen fill the Sign Cert and Sign Key options by locating the certificate and key stored on your memory card.
  6. Now add HelloOX2 (For signing).
  7. Click on option -> Sign Sis -> Go.
  8. After signing the HelloOX2 file successfully, install the file on your memory card.
  9. Now open HelloOX2 from application folder located in your mobile.

Thats It! HelloOX2 will do its part without troubling you further. And after its complete, you will (most probably) be able to install unsigned applications on your device.

Using HelloOX2

If you would have observed the above given method you would have noticed that a majority of efforts have been made to sign the HelloOX2 application. And that installation was basically what we did to hack the phone in order to install unsigned applications. Now, there is an easy way too. HelloOX2 provides signed application too however that comes at a cost of 5$. All you need to do is:

  1. Visit their site and fill in the details.
  2. Pay the required amount and wait for a day to receive the signed application.
  3. Install the application on your phone.

Thats it! You are now good to go. Install unsigned applications without worrying about certificate errors.

Note that the reason for me to search for ways to install unsigned applications was to test the applications developed by those who couldn’t get their applications signed and that i wanted to get the maximum out of my mobile (Nokia would have been a great mobile phone deal had nokia permitted installation of unsigned applications). So, i would advice you to stay away from hacking your phone if you don’t have any interest in installing unsigned applications.

Download : FreeSigner HelloOX2

UPDATE 1: It seems there is some problem with installing HelloOX2 on Nokia 5230 even though this phone model is supported by HelloOX2. One of the reader (see comments) as well as me faced this problem and therefore i am sharing yet another, rather long, method of signing applications without installing HelloOX2. Follow the procedure as given below:

  1. Procure .cer and .key from OPDA as mentioned in “Initial Requirements”.
  2. Install Free Signer (from link given above – Signed already).
  3. Setup Free signer (As given in step 4 and step 5 in 1st method).
  4. Now tap on “Add Task”.
  5. Select the application that needs to be signed from the file browser.
  6. Tap “Options” and select “Add”.
  7. From the pop up menu select “Sign sis”.
  8. Tap on “Options” and select “Go”.

Thats it! The signed application will appear in the same folder as the unsigned application with ‘_signed’ attached to it (To identify it!). i hope this method works for all those who were not able to install HelloOX2 on their devices.


  1. hello brother,

    i have installed a demo version of boldbeast recorder which is really awesome, but the problem is that it is a demo version and is gonna expire in nxt 3 days.. so can u provide me the link from where i can get the keygen for it??


  2. Hi i am using nokia 52330i installed, free signer on my phone, i am able to sign some applications in my phone while other application on signing in free signer show, requested application access not granted please help me how to install those apps.

  3. Hey Paritosh,
    I also faced this problem some time back. what mistake they are doing is not putting certificate file and key file in proper places. Ask them to double check this..

  4. Hi Paritosh,
    I have understood the whole process of signing.But, the thing is I am unable to Install HellOX2 on my beloved nokia 5233 even after signing it. The error message is “Requested application access not granted” after signing the unsigned HellOX2.sisx file. I know there are a lot of us facing the same problem. Could you plzz resolve the same for us. Many thanks…………..

  5. i have installed free signer bt when i try to sign an app it says”E:\Others\ucplayer30_7oj27r56.sis
    Open certificate/key file error”

  6. Hi
    i used the freesigner.
    Did all as you told.It showed me a window “Errors Found”
    And it said “Errors found in operation logs write to c:…”.
    What am i supposed to do now?

  7. @ eves.. u can go to settings >> application manager >> installation setting and turn off “online certificate check”….. it will work…

  8. Disable online certificate check by going to Settings –> Application Manager –> Installation Settings –> Online Certificate Check (Turn it off). Now try installing the apps again.

  9. Hi,
    I guess i missed your query. Sorry 🙁
    1. The process usually takes 48 hours but may vary. And you can sign any symbian app using it.
    2. Yes it is possible infact i am writing a tutorial on porting custom firmware on Nokia 5230 and similar devices.

  10. Hi,

    I signed UCplayer and Ofice Suit application , also I got _signed.sis files for both in the same location. when i tried to install these, i am getting ” Online certificate check failed ” message. Please help me to install these 2 applications and HelloOX2 (same error for this too).


  11. Hi,
    I followed the sreps u gave to sign HelloOX and other applcations (UC player .. Office Suit etc.) too. But I ended up with a message ” Online Certificate check Failed”. Please let e know how to getrid of this problem. Help me too install UCPlayer and Office Suit.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi Paritosh,

    I figured out an answer to the first question. But could you please provide an answer to my second question.

    Shivam Dixit

  13. In simple terms, you CANNOT install unsigned application on your nokia device unless and until you have hacked it.

    Gravity is worth buying if you are really into tweeting. Besides, it server multiple purposes viz. Google reader app, facebook app, foursquare app, twitter app! Plus it’s actively updated 🙂

  14. whats the difference btwn signed & unsigned apps ,with ur suggestion iam using gravity its bit expensive to buy hw can i use it for long time with out paying .i tried some unsigned versions but they dont support for twitter in gravity (login problems).do reply thank u

  15. Hi Paritosh,

    I would like to know 2 things:-

    1. How much time does it take to have our certificate after applying as it did it two days back.
    And can this method of signing be useful for any software regardless of the company. Like for example if i want to go for Office Suites or Adobe which cost 10 pound s in the market.

    2. These days i am see many blog which says that we can install c-6 or n97 mini frame work on nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Is this safe to do.Also does it going to hamper my warranty also if i want to update that frame work i am i able to do it like i have it in my Nokia 5800.

    Shivam Dixit

    Thanks a lot for this informational blog.

  16. This problem occurs when too many apps are running in background. Try to close all the unnecessary apps, clear browser cache and then get back here if the problem persists.

  17. hello paritosh…i am purchased nokia x6. These days i m frequently getting errors”memory full..close some applications” …i have not installed any software in c drive…i am recieving this provably due to RAM full problem…can u suggest any remedy ..?

  18. I’d recommend you to re-install the mobile software using Ovi Suite or software updater. And if software update is available then do so to avoid such problems.

  19. heloooooo sir…i ve a prblm wid nokia x6 .its just hanged for 2 or 3 days.n den den starts up..but after a few hour again its offed ..z der any suggestion for me plz tel me..

  20. It is possible that HelloOX doesn’t support the new firmware (if updated) or any device other than supported by it. I will suggest you to try the steps given under “UPDATE 1”.

  21. Hi. I’m having some problems installing the hack. All I made it’s correct but when I open Helloox i get stucked in “Installing root cert.”. What is the problem?

  22. thanksssssssssss your method works i have 5250 and it works fantastically good …………..you people are doing a great job thanks

  23. Hi!
    I have a china mobile EIROGA E71 phone which has very low phone memory and very bad browser. please help with this issue. I want to increase my phone memory or install diffrent browser. Send me any code or solution for this issue. I have free ip setting which can be used for free but due to this issue I am not able to use it.

    Please help me.

  24. I have the freesigner and the cer on my phone but I cant get the key on my phone. I keep getting a message that says “object type not supported”. Please help. I dont know what to do. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

  25. I believe you have .cer and .key files stored somewhere on memory card/phone memory. Now open free signer–>click on options–>settings–>select the .cer and .key files. Let me know if you need help. And there’s nothing to laugh about. It’s good you clarified your doubt 🙂

  26. I’m having a problem understanding. I’m feeling really stupid and I’m hoping you will help me after you are done laughing at me, lol. I got the cer and key and have freesigner on my phone but I’m confused about how to get the cer and key in the spots like mentioned in #5 above. I cannot get them onto my phone. Please help me

  27. The chances of your IMEI being misused are very very very rare. It is almost impossible to use the IMEI for all the wrong reasons primarily because these days the IMEI is hardcoded on the hardware of mobile phones. And NO you can’t sign apps without .cer and .key 🙁

  28. hi paritosh just 1 question i have is that i don’t want to provide my imei number as it can lead me into danger is there any other way to sign apps without providing the imei number
    or providing the imei number is safe there???????????????????

  29. hey its a gr88888888 mthd works well on my nokia x6….

    tnk u soooo mch….

    realy hapy wid my phne nw….can intall anething…:)

  30. Apply for .cer and .key on opda. Once you get these 2, download them in your mobile phone and follow the above mentioned instructions.

    You don’t have to upload apps to opda for signing them, apps can be signed using Freesigner installed in your mobile phone.

  31. hey paritosh
    i have a 5235 and i want to sign the software spb mobile shell n some others. i have a fully working freesigner but the problem is i don’t have hellox2 nor key n certificates. My query is on opda is it necessary to upload file as i actually use mob. for internet n it’s a drag to upload things. if i fill all other necessary information such as imei no. etc. after signing in, do i still need to upload the sisx file ? i read all the above steps but it did not clear my confusion. so can u pls tell me the procedure to obtain certi. n key. or else can u give me any link or site where i can download spb mobile shell signed. I know i may be a drag but pls will u help me as soon as u can…….

  32. hey paritosh
    i have a 5235 and i want to sign the software spb mobile shell n some others. i have a fully working freesigner but the problem is i don’t have hellox2. My query is on opda is it necessary to upload file as i actually use mob. for internet n it’s a drag to upload things. if i fill all other necessary information such as imei no. etc. after signing in, do i still need to upload the sisx file ? i read all the above steps but it did not clear my confusion. so can u pls tell me the procedure to obtain certi. n key. or else can u give me any link or site where i can download spb mobile shell signed. I know i may be a drag but pls will u help me as soon as u can…….

  33. There has been a firware update of Nokia 5230 and HelloOX2 doesn’t seem to support it (neither it did the previous firmwares). So use FreeSigner and enjoy all the unsigned apps!

  34. thanks bro i didnt hack my phone but instead i converted all certificate error file into signed ones then it worked……when i install helloox it stucks on installing root cer any reason???

  35. You don’t really need to hack your phone now as you have successfully installed unsigned applications. Install free signer in your mobile and sign the applications on the go! It even supports batch signing.. 🙂

  36. SIR!!!!! Im back……. I have one good news and onebad news…..
    bad news is that my phone still not hacked…. good news is that I’ve got the key and certificate… and apps are really working!!!!!!
    thats really great…. thanks a lot…….

  37. Well IMEI once registered with the telecom operator cannot be used again. But frankly there is no guarantee. On the other hand, almost all the symbian users are following this method to sign their apps. In the end its your own decision.

  38. hi is it safe to give own imei no to the site, i think activists like terrorist etc can use it in illegal way either they can make a duplicate phone with the same imei no and can do crimes using that phone?
    if it is safe how can u assure that?

  39. I have received complaints regarding HelloOX 2.04 on Nokia 5230, therefore i’ll suggest you to try it once (no harm in that) else follow any other method given above 🙂

  40. WEll BRO,

  41. hello everybody i was thinking of hacking my phone 5233 without giving imei number …
    is there any way of doing this…can’t we make my own .cer & .key myself

    please update thanx for reply……

  42. They won’t be sending you the .cer and .key file, you need to login to your account at opda and see for yourself. Also, there seems to be some problem with opda (few other commentors above are suffering too), so be patient for a while.

  43. Wat is going on……????
    My cert. is still applying………
    Its been 9 days……
    Wat i did there…….
    1. Sined up for opda
    2. Gave my name, mobile imei
    3. Now wat i hav to do??? Do i hav to giv my sis app? Bt i thought dey’ll send me keys and i’ll by my self sign it…. It is da easy way, dats y…..

  44. hey!! its been 7 days opda is applying my cert annd key!! what do i do?? i read that it takes 24 hours but mine has already taken 7 days!! help plzzz

  45. Again, locate the appropriate folder and make sure HelloOX isn’t stored in a .zip or .rar file. FreeSigner only show’s files with .sis or .sisx extension.

  46. When you tap on “Sign cer”, an explorer opens. From there on get to the folder in which .cer and .key is stored and select the same.
    Tip: Make sure folder’s/file’s are’t hidden.

  47. Hi,i think i follow everything in order,but when i try to sign hello ox,i got an error like i post before..pls help,have been trying for a long time sigh..

  48. hi,i got problem.i got cer n key from OPDA but when i try to use them free signer cant detect even though i put them among accessible folder.help

  49. hi,my phone is 5235 which isnt supported by hello ox.so i tried freesigner,but i get an error when i try to sign something.the error is like this-error found in operation.logs are write to c:/data/freesigner/freesigner.log..plz help

  50. 1. HelloOX is an application installing which you can install unsigned applications on your mobile phone.
    2. Yes, follow the steps give in “Update”.
    3. HelloOX once installed doesn’t require .cer or .key files. These 2 are required for signing individual files. Forget what you have and follow the steps give above in “Update” to get the things right.

  51. Sir, i’ve applied 4 dat OPDA certifi. and waiting…..! While its on its way, let me clear out sumtings….
    1. Wat is hello ox? A hacking tool how 2 use it ?
    2. Can i sign every unsigned thru dat Opda certifi.
    3. Things out of the topic….
    I’ve a folder named “certificates” in my pc. And inside it there are 4 files, BiNPDA.cer, BiNPDA.key, SelfSign_30years.cer, SelfSign_30years.key. I kno they r certific. but in wat softwar do i use…?? I tried for hello Ox to sign. but got error….. wel, watever the ting is im waiting for dat Opda… Thank u once again ur last reply made tings little bit work… And now im getting sumthin in my bol head… Lol

  52. Sir, im gona disturb u every day coz i hav 2 ask many problems regarding my pc, and mobile, and i hope ur gona help me……!! Hahaha thanx in advance…..

  53. Hey, no need to break your phone. I’ll help you with the process. First of all, the latest software updates rolled out by Nokia aren’t supported by HelloOX2. So, i would suggest you to sign the application’s individually by following steps given under “Update”.

  54. Sir! Im gonna break my phone…… Im realy not a hacker…… I tried all shots of things…. In my past mobile n95 8gb, 5320 xpress music, and now nokia 5233 i tried and got tired by hacking but cant hacked……. I tried hello ox, hello carbide, still i get error msgs. What to do tell somthing…..

  55. It seems HelloOX2 isn’t working for you. Alternatively, you can install unsigned applications by signing each one of them individually on your mobile itself (Refer the last alternative “Update 1” given in this article with screenshots).

  56. i hav done all the things as u written above dear n i m pretty successful in installing HellOX2 but freesigner is not wrkin giving some error message while signing d unsigned softwares….
    and wen i open HellOX2 it also says “mapping drive and unpacking file ” it will continue till i cancel it..
    can u help me in that paritosh and also provide me the link from where i can get valid SloveEd Dictionary for my mobile and Quick office premiere too. I really need this man and i hope u r d person who can surely help me out in finding the all the solutions for mah cell, infact i tried lots of link n signed it through freesigner pc version but its nt wrkin !!!!……… thanks fr ur quick response dear,…. thanks a lot

  57. You don’t need a developers certificate to install un-signed applications on your Nokia. And the article above explains the entire process, please follow it and then ask problems (if any).

  58. I hav d *csr key but can’t get d *.cer after loggin on symbiansigned.com>>devcert request it says u can get d cer file after having the valid publisher id …. i m totally fade up of tryin yaar. PARITOSH can u pls help me out in crackin mah nokia 5233 so that i can install any unsigned software in it……..
    And I also need need dictionary named sloveED eng to eng can u help me in that ???? waitin for ur reply

  59. hey i installed d new freesigner on ma N78 but i m unable to change d certificate n its says sum .log problem!!!!!!!!! pls help!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Yes, you need to have the installation file of application, you wish to install. No being able to download a file is/maybe caused due to the operator you are using. However, i would suggest you to download that file via pc and then transfer it to you mobile phone.

  61. hi…i followed the instructions for update 1 since i have nokia 5230. But i have a question. U have to download the app 1st before signing it, correct? But what if u cant download a certain app because the following msg shows up: “cannot download trusted file from untrusted source” or something like that? Is there a way to bypass this? And yes, i did set my app settings to the ones required like “cert checking” to no

  62. Hmmm…well i didn’t do that! How do i do it?
    i didn’t do that because as i understand freesigner should already be signed 🙂

  63. Hello!
    When I try to install FreeSigner on my N95 8GB it says ”Certificate expired”!
    I also tryed to get FreeSigner from other sites but it’s still not working!

  64. It gave me this error

    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 786432) (tried to allocate 24576 bytes) in E:\cer.opda.cn\sources\public\misc.php on line 343

    And I need cer n key for My frnd’s N97 mini for that I visited opda

  65. Please check with HelloOX2 website (given in the post above) whether Nokia X6 is supported by HelloX2. If it is then go ahead with installation (click continue). If it is not then try other methods.

  66. Hi
    I have tried to install FreeSigner – HelloOX2 on mY Nokia -X6 phone.
    Messege displayed is “this software is not compatible for this phone”
    then option came “continue” or “cancel” what should i do?

  67. “Self Sign” doesn’t work with all the application’s. You might get error while installing applications signed using “Self Sign”. You can give it a try though 🙂

  68. You dont have to follow that long process written in your post. I have uploaded the signed version of FreeSigner. Download it above and install it!

  69. I should have remembered that I read that before, sorry. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

  70. HelloOx2, though, supported by HelloOX2 down’t install on Nokia 5230. So, i would recommend not trying to install it over and over again (You could end up messing your phone). Instead try the new method as given in “UPDATE 1” above.

  71. Hi, forget what I wrote about the certificate for FreeSigner being expired. I downloaded the updated link and it now installs fine so thank you very much.

    However, I’m now trying to install HelloOX2 on my 5230. After confirming that I want to install it, it gets to the “Unpacking file…” screen and stays like that with the scrollbar blinking/flashing. It’s been like that for about 15 minutes and I don’t think it’s going to do anything else.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  72. Hi, I’m trying to install FreeSigner on my Nokia 5230 but the phone says the certificate for FreeSigner has expired.

  73. I have updated the link of free signer. The new link is a signed version, please install this version and let me know if problem persists.

  74. Hi,

    I have installed hello ox on my mobile. everything went well. It completed all steps and hacked my phone. But still can not install unsigned applications.

    Please check back soon

  75. Thanks for the info but I cannot install FreeSigner because the phone reports: “Certificate Expired”.

  76. The above mentioned steps are applicable to almost all nokia phones including Nokia 5230, 5800, 5233, X6, etc. So go ahead and try it. Moreover, for the first menthod, there is no risk ivolved. And in the second method involving HelloOx2, in case you mess up just uninstall HelloOx2 from your mobile and you will be just fine! Btw, i’d recommend the 1st method 🙂 And do let me know in case you need any help.

  77. Hi,

    Please let me know if this will work with 5230. Also if something goes wrong what problems I can face.
    Thank you, the explanation is pretty good here.

    Keep the good work on

  78. i have 5230 n wen i instll full touch screen games of 5800. they r not full touch screen in my cell.

  79. Thats yet another method but i didn’t mention is as it becomes cumbersome to install each and every application before installing it. The first method given in this post lets you directly install all unsigned applications without signing each one of them individually.

  80. thanq very much. bt wat i did was i regestered http://cer.opda.cn/en/
    requested for cer and key
    downloaded freesigner frm ooda
    nxt day downloaded cer n key
    open freesigner
    put key n cer in its option
    n used it to sing my unsigned apps.

  81. Hey i did all d steps for acquiring Cer. and Key frm OPDA…
    upto some extent i was successful,but at d last moment
    when i tried to sign unsigned Helloox 2.03, there came up a
    statement which says ”FILE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH S60
    PHONES”…so i couldnt sign


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