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Designer Bamboo Smartphone ADzero – Nature And Mobile Compliment Each Other!

As I blogged sometimes ago that various types of smartphones will be invented in the coming days and after designer smartphones and smartphones in watches, we have now bamboo smartphone.  A 23-year-old British student will launch a mobile phone made largely from bamboo as reported by the Telegraph.

The smartphone, called ADzero, is expected to launch later this year. Made from four-year-old organically grown bamboo that has been treated to improve its durability, the phone will run on Google’s Android operating system. Kieron Scott-Woodhouse, from Shepherds Bush in London, designed the phone because he was frustrated that so many existing models looked similar to each other. He is a student of Middlesex University. A technology entrepreneur had contacted him after he posted designs online.

The phone was initially intended for the Chinese market but an enthusiastic reception in Britain means it will go on sale in design retailers later this year.

Kieron Scott-Woodhouse could not bear the sight of new models coming to the market which looked almost similar and he wanted to have unique gadget in his hand and hence the bamboo smartphone. We will have shortly another crazy Kieron Scott- Woodhouse who would not feel like even using bamboo smartphone and would invent another smartphone – may be made of plastic or some other material.

Wait for exciting news and developments!


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