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Exogear Exomount – Universal Mount That Sticks On Anything And Holds Everything! [Review]

Navigation system, music player, video viewer (large screen devices) and what not can a smartphone do these days. It’s pretty easy to make full use of your device when your hands are not busy but what about when you are driving? Can you then afford to stray eyes from the road, pick up mobile, change the music? I don’t think so.

This is where a mobile car mount (essentially holder) comes into play. Exomount is one such car mount that allows you to keep a tap on your mobile phone while driving. I had a chance to use Exomount car mount from Exogear and being an avid traveller I needed one such car mount to manage my Galaxy S II while on the move. I won’t be laying emphasis on why you need a car phone holder, rather I’ll be sharing my opinion on Exomount car mobile holder.

Exomount Car Mount Build

Yep. The build quality is the first and foremost factor that affects my buying decision. Fortunately Exomount had a good (not great) build quality. The base, swile, suction pulley, all are gelled together with no crumpling (sorry, couldn’t think of any other word :p). What worried me was the clutches or the mouth which holdes the device, it appeared to be fragile though the grip was pretty good. All in all Exomount’s build is satisfactory.

The Grip

If a car mount can’t get a good grip of your device, it doesn’t deserve to be there. That’s the thumb rule and exomount understands it pretty well. The red highlighted grip, which on the face of it may give an expression “how-the-hell-is-this-gonna-hold” but trust me, it’s good, very good indeed! The reason why I am so confident is that I did test it’s holding power on the bumpy roads of NCR (outskirts of Delhi – trust me the condition of roads there is miserable), I was amazed by the way Exomount held my Galaxy S II. Neither the swile nor the grip moved from their original position. No qualms here!!

Swile – Degree of Flexibilty

Exomount, despite being a flxible car mount with ability to stick it to anywhere, allows you to adjust the swile for getting the best possible position required by the user. Though this is a great addition to the otherwise rigid car holders but the level or I should say the degree of rotation of swile is limited. However since you can place Exomount almost anywhere and virtually any surface, this limitation should not be a hindrance whatsoever. It wasn’t for. I covered this point to be truthful to the review of Exomount. No strings attached 🙂

Mechanisim behind Exomount

This is more of a techincal side of Exomount for those who are interested. Reason why Exomount mounts on almost any surface is its patented suction technology that enables you to mount it on any flat surface such as car dashes, glass, wood, metal, plastics and even drywall. The grip that I was referring to earlier is Polyurethane lined grip which is responsible for keeping the phone in its place, safe and secure.

In A Nutshell

Exomount is one mobile accessory that you should have. It not only serves as a great car mount but because of its ability to mount on any surface, it can be used virtually anywhere! Moreover, not going by the name, Exomount can hold almost anything as long as it’s width/height is not greater than 5″ inches. A good placeholder, can cater upto 5″ inch screen, reusable suction base, solid grip, Exomount has all that a gadget holder should posses.

Exogear Exomount costs £21.95 and can be purchased from Mobilefun.co.uk website – Exogear Exomount Car Mount.


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