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ArchView – Firefox Addon To Preview RAR, ZIP

Mozilla is fast becoming the comman man’s choice for internet surfing. Because of its popularity, the browser has been continuously evolving to a better version. One of the main area of attraction for the browser is its ability to adapt itself for each individual use through plugins. Because of these plugins, it has been continuously evolving to better versions.

One of the plugins that increase the usability of Mozilla is Archview.
Many times we require only selected files from an archive but had to download the full archive because there is no other option, free windows application LOADSCOUT is an easy solution to this problem but if you are uncomfortable installing a standalone application for this rarely used functionality, Firefox addon ArchView will get the job done right from your browser.


Once installed Archview lets your preview RAR, ZIP and ISO files online without downloading the whole archive.

Archview is an open-source project hosted at Sourceforge.
The plugin/addon can be downloaded from the official page Here.

Do let us know how you liked the above mentioned plugin and you recommendations for other similar addons.


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