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See Facebook Updates Using Facebook Notifier Chrome Extesion

If you regularly use Google Chrome and you can’t spend a moment without your Facebook updates then today i have come up with something interesting i.e a chrome extension exclusively for getting your facebook updates at regular intervals on your browser and that too in a stylish way.

The extension is called Facebook Notification Checker/Updater. Whenever your Facebook account receives a update this wonderful extension notifies you of the update via a cool small icon next to the address bar, so that you never miss an update on your facebook account while working on other sites. The extension was released on Nov 13, 2009 by Owen Campbell-Moore and has already been downloaded more than 5000 times ! !


All you have to do is, download and install the extension (For that you should know how to install extensions in chrome, which i will cover in upcoming posts). Once installed you will notice an icon next to your address bar as seen in the above image. Click on the icon and add your Facebook account details, once logged in you will get periodical updates from your Facebook account. The best thing about this little nifty extension is that it eradicates the facebook login problemsi.e you need not to login to your facebook account each time in order to check the updates. So, it’s a great time saver for facebook addicts.

To download the Google Chrome extension, follow the link and download from the official page of its creators Facebook Notification Checker/Updater.

P.S :- This is a simple application based upon what i have observed till now and it is currently in development stage so it may contain some glitches here and there. Please share with us your experiences.


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