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Astrospeak App Is Capable Of Solving All Your Personal Problems – Review

In this fast paced life when everybody is so stressed to achieve their goals and when we are not able to get what we deserve then frsutration enters in our life. In such types of situations, we defintely need professional help to overcome our difficult time. Even if we are very strong internally to withstand the onslaught of circumstances still at times we feel the need to get guidance from experts of different fields. In such types of scenario, one need not run in different directions to find answer to their tough questions. You can get professional assistance from the confines of your home or office with reasonable amount from experts of all fields. Provided you believe in astrology. Yes then Astrospeal mobile app for Android devices can prove quite useful to solve your various problems and it is quite easy to use and navigate. Let us see how it works:

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Astrospeak app is from the house of Times Internet Limited and has been designed in very user friendly format to work very smoothly on Android devices. When you open Astrospeak app, first of all it shows Your Horoscope and you can get your horoscope for the day or weekly, monthly and on yearly basis all for free based on your birth sign. Besides this, you can also set daily, weekly and monthly notifications for getting updates accordingly. You can also get festival notifications if you set them so.


Besides Horoscope, if you swipe on the right side of the screen then you are taken to the next section which has icon of other services such as Astrology, Marriage, Career, Health, Finance, Relationships, Tarot, Vastu and Numerology. These services are paid servcies and you have to shell out Rs. 500 to upto Rs. 10,000 to get professional advice depending upon your queries. Under these headings, you can get answer to your various problems. For instance, in Marriage service, you will get marriage predictions for Rs. 2100 and your career forecast for Rs. 1500 under Career service heading.

The most expensive services provided in this category of paid servicces is for Vastu Shastra. Nowadays, majority of people consult Vastu experts for designing their new homes or resetting their existing homes and offices and for remedial measures to overcome many difficulties. The Vastu remedies start in this app at Rs. 500 per question and goes upto Rs. 10,000 for detailed Vastu Analysis of your home or office. I would say these charges are still negligible compared to exhorbitant professional fee charged by Vastu experts. This app also provide Tarot consultation to all your queries.


One of the interesting feature of this app is that it also provides male-female sunsign comaptibility. This can prove very useful for those who are searching for their partners and believe in astro-science. We cannnot vouch for its credibilty but this feature of the app will certainly attract many young guys.

The advantage of taking professional help via this app is that this app is created by Times Internet and they have with them highly qualified and reputed experts of their field to reply to your queries. On the contrary, you are not sure about the expertise of free lancers who are in the market to render such type of services.

This app also has one section devoted to upcoming events and upcoming important festivals.


The beauty of this app is that it is very easy to navigate and you can easily access all the information very quickly. All the services are defined very clearly. If some service is chargable then rates of each question or detailed analysis is mentioned very clearly. There is no hidden cost and one can choose various options available in each category of services. The detailed questions are also mentioned under each paid services to enable you to take quick decision what to ask.

The Astrospeak app can be downloaded for free from Google App store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.til.astrospeak


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