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Asus Inroduces ZenEars Earphones & Lolliflash Torch Starting At Rs. 699

Asus of Taiwan has introducd two useful accessories for smartphones – Lolliflash torch and ZenEars earphones, which were unveiled earlier at Zen Festival held in India.


Lolliflash is a Lollipop shaped dual-tone LED torch for smartphones and is available in 5 colours- White, Blue, Black, Red & Yellow. The Lolliflash acts as a separate ‘fill-in’ light, delivering true to life colours for clicking sharp images in dark or faded lights. This portable device, equipped with three colour filter – White, Blue & Red, has three brightness level settings. It has a battery life of 3 hours with a capacity of 3.7 V 65 mAh. Its retail price is Rs. 899.

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The ZenEar is an innovative fusion of driver technologies and Sonic Master 2.0 to provide sophisticated audio output. The ergonomically-designed earphones fit perfectly into the user’s ears and effectively absorb reflected sound, reducing distortion and restore more music details. It consists of a Patented Damping System and Transmission Tube designed to deliver crystal clear and detailed sound. The ZenEar will be available to consumers starting at Rs. 699.


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