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Speedster Shoaib Akhtar – The King Of Controversies In Cricket

After retiring from international cricket, Shoaib Akhtar, has proved the saying that old habits die hard. His career in Pakistan cricket was quite bright when he started playing international cricket  but he is enemy of himself and spoiled his career with one controversy after another. Even after his retirement, disease of controversy has not left him and he needs some professional help to get rid of this cancerous disease.

He has come out with a book written in English in which he has accused Sachin Tendulkar not capable to face his fast balls and Rahul Dravid not a match winner. Probably, he has forgotten One Day International in world cup in South Africa where Sachin hammered him in all parts of the park and he was beaten black and blue by great masterblaster. Both of them have won countless games for India and India became no. 1 team of test cricket because of major contributions of these two great batsmen of present time. He has forgotten that Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid are institutions of  world cricket and all the teams of the world adore them and their records and run amassed so far speak for themselves. They still are active and lot of cricket is left in them and the records established by them when they bid adieu to international cricket, shall be difficult to break.

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Shoaib Akhtar should have thought one hundred times before writing any derogatory comments about great cricketers like Sachin and Rahul. Since, writer is different as Shoaib cannot write a book in English, probably he could not convey properly to the writer what and how to write. Nobody in cricketing fraternity or people having interest in cricket shall endorse the views expressed by controversial cricketer about the cricketing maestros.

Sachin Tendulkar- graceful as he is always – rightly said that it is below his dignity to comment about the book where Shoaib has written about him. As a fellow cricketer, Shoaib should withdraw the book before it is officially launched or he should tender his apology to Sachin and Rahul and attach as corrigendum to the book. If he does not do this then the cricket fan should avoid his book or should buy under written protest, with a request to pass on the same to the author of the book.


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