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BabyFeed: Mobile Application For Mother’s To Alert ‘Em About Feed Timings

Before you go on and read about this mobile application, I want you to know that this is strictly for ladies who have a small child or is pregnant. BabyFeed is a nifty application for those mother’s and wives who have a small child to feed and are looking for a simple way to keep a track record of all the feed’s given/diaper’s changed, etc. BabyFeed is a QT based mobile application for Symbian users which allows you to do exactly the same task with minimum efforts!

BabyFeed allows you to keep a track of  feedings, medicines and diaper/nappy changes of your young one(s) right on your mobile phone eliminating the need of noting down the things on a separate place. It gives your the functionality to register weight, height and cephalic perimeter measures of your baby, which can, in future, be used to compare with other data in graphical form. Moreover it’s ability to integrate notifications with phone’s agenda and alarm system allows sound alerts whenever it’s time to give feed, etc. Besides that you can also set BabyFeed app to automatically send a sms notification to your husband, doctor or anyone else when you give medicine to your baby thus both of you will be able to keep track of the timings at which medicine was given.

Although I wasn’t able to fully test this application (yet to be married ;)) but was fairly satisfied with what this app did barring the following few things that I think would make BabyFeed even better app to use:

  • The tab alignment in header isn’t very user friendly.
  • A brief intro about using this app should be shown after accessing this app for the first time. Some of the features\functions are confusing.
  • Support for landscape mode would have been great! (Doesn’t affect the performance much but can solve the tab alignment issue.)

BabyFeed is available for download on Nokia Ovi Store. It is being sold at a small price of Rs. 50 (approximately $1) which I think could have been made available for free by displaying ads within the app itself. And to all the mother’s who will be trying this application, please drop in your comments 🙂


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