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UberSocial: Twitter Application For BlackBerry And An Equivalent To Gravity

If you aren’t a BlackBerry user, you must have heard a lot about the recently released, revamped UberSocial, a popular twitter client developed by UberMedia. And if you did hear about it, then you must have also wondered the reason behind this hoopla! Being a BlackBerry user, here’s my reason why UberSocial is famous amongst us (BlackBerry users :P). After a name change (from UberTwitter to UberSocial), BlackBerry’s most famous Twitter client came up with new features and added functionality. Following are some of the features worth mentioning:

  • New UberSocial theme designed by 50cent which can be downloaded from www.uber50.com,
  • Muting of users/Keywords or hashtags,
  • Usability over normal gprs plans or wi-fi (Blackberry data plan is NOT needed),
  • Ability to tweet in more than 140 chars and read a long tweet without opening the shortened link,
  • Cross posting to Facebook/Gmail messenger,
  • Vibration/LED/visual notifications for OS6,
  • Uber Channels,
  • Various twitter lists about topics like horoscope, books,news, etc all in one place!!

Personally, I found UberSocial to be more reliable than Twitter for blackberry as it can work with wifi or normal gprs plan also. Albeit that UberSocial is a bit slow and has the “sending..” screen till the tweets get delivered but Twitter for blackberry integrates the sent tweet into the software itself and the user can carry on with other tasks quite comfortably. Its the choice for public figures world over and its got 3 million followers on Twitter so it is something 😉

My recommendation, it’s definitely worth a spin. UberSocial is a great tweeting app which in my opinion rivals Gravity for Nokia mobile phones, offers a streamlined and clean interface for tweeting and with various connectivity options stands on the #1 position for a blackberry tweeting app 🙂

For BlackBerry users, the app is available on app world (search for ubersocial) and on www.ubersocial.com and now its been launched for apple’s IOS too (can be download from Apple store).


Guest post by Savar Suri. The guy who became an extrovert by being dragged to dance in weddings, Half-Architect, Loves coffee-chocolate-music-lyrics, yearns friendship 😉




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