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Battle Resumes Tomorrow Between India & Australia – 2nd Test Begins In Sydney

Second Test match between India and Australia will start tomorrow in SCG, Sydney. Australia is already 1-0 in four test series, having defeated India in first test in Melbourne by 120 runs. Australian team’s morale is very high after winning boxing day test and beating world no. 2 team consisting of world renowned and star batsmen, who have failed miserably in the first test.

This was the golden time for India to defeat Australia, who are in transition phase, but our batsmen have let down the team and put themselves in awkward position. Had they batted sensibly in the first inning and gained considerable lead, Team India would have been in driving speed.

But all is not lost yet. What Team India require is indomitable spirit and hunger for victory. They have the talent, experience and must exploit their assets now otherwise it will remain dream for India to beat Aussies in their backyard.

Our batsmen will have to sparkle and show to the cricketing community that they are really gems of all times and they can bat on any pitch. Our batsmen must wipe out the impressions that they can bat only on flat tracks. They must use all the techniques at their command to withstand first few overs of pacers and settle down and make Aussies run helter-skelter in the field.

Our bowlers bowled well in the first test and should escalate their aggressions in the second test. Ishant Sharma was not in his elements in first test and hope he will not disappoint us in second test.

Team India, you have the opportunity to flatten the Kangraoos and use all the weapons at your command to tame them. Good Luck to Team India and hope by the time we get up in the morning, we will have good news to swallow over a cup of tea.


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