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Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Students

NCERT books are one of the vastly used books in India. Students generally mistake reading books published by other publishers rather than concentrating on books published by NCERT, which is also prescribed by schools. This creates a very reasonable doubt in the minds of students as well as parents. They get confused about whether to go on with the books by private publishers or books prescribed by NCERT. Don’t worry students, here, we will help you clear this particular doubt about whether you should go for NCERT books or books by private publishers.

NCERT has been publishing study materials and books for all the classes starting from 1 to 12. They make sure that these books are enough for learning and practicing before exams. The Vedantu NCERT solution are preferred by students along with the textbooks by NCERT are wholesome. The information they contain is mapped perfectly for the age. You wouldn’t be reading any extra information that isn’t necessary now. Their main motto and aim are to provide a unique and common education system for the whole country. This pattern helps students who deal with transfers a lot. When you leave a school mid-session, with other boards you have to drop the year, but with CBSE boards, you wouldn’t have to face this issue. You can pick up from the point you left. 

NCERT Solution- How It Helps

NCERT books are written and designed by professionals who have experience of lifelong and have been working closely with child education. It helps them design the books, the right way. It becomes the sole responsibility of the schools to make students follow the NCERT Solution end books for a better understanding of the subject. The concepts each chapter has to offer should be made understandable by the teachers to the students. Teachers should make an effort in using the NCERT books at large. 

Students should understand the concepts and fundamentals of a chapter rather than concentrating on the solutions, and exercises of the chapter. The exercises are present at the end of every chapter, and the solutions are present online. Teachers as well as students should learn the concepts properly in such a way that if sustainability comes from any part of the chapter, you are able to answer. CBSE makes sure that questions come from the basic concepts of the chapters. If your concepts are clear, you wouldn’t have any exam phobia. 

Read the Textbooks thoroughly. Read line by line, concentrate on the concepts, and discuss it with your teachers, parents, and friends. You will be able to learn new dimensions about the concepts. You should not mug up the answers instead understand why this answer is provided against this question. Scoring good marks in exams under CBSE is as easy as child’s play if you know the concept clearly. Students will always be backed up by NCERT solution, but it is important that you take these positions as a guide, not something that you memorize and vomit on your exercise book.   


These are the most important things to do for exams:

  • Follow NCERT books thoroughly. 
  • Practice NCERT solutions, and refer to the solutions for proper answers. 
  • Practice maths regularly. 
  • Follow the supporting books prescribed only by NCERT

Follow all these guidelines as rituals regularly and you will always be a topper. A topper should remember that only a clear concept about the subject will help them score 100% in exams. Also, discussing your problems and doubts with your teachers will enhance the power of the query in you, which is a plus point because “curious mind is the birthplace of new inventions”!


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