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Big Name – Sony India – Poor Workmanship Of Bravia LCD And Lethargic After Sales Service

Multinational Companies when they sell their products in USA, Europe or any other country except India, where consumer’s interest are strongly protected and violation of that attract heavy penalties in record time, listen to the problems of the customers very carefully and address them quickly. Unfortunately, some of these companies take customer’s complaints for granted in India because they are well aware of our consumer interest justice system, which is very slow and not as strict as in overseas.

I bought Sony BRAVIA LCD (32NX500) last year in New Delhi and this LCD started giving problem in the eleventh month. After complaining to the Sony customer care, their technician visited after three days and diagnosed Mother Board to be defective which they promised to replace in two days time. Despite my repeated reminders, they replaced it after 5 days and even after replacing, the problem is appearing randomly.

Bravia Series - Breakdown King?

In the meantime, there was news in print media that BRAVIA range of LCD have manufacturing defects in Japan, and 1.6 million BRAVIA LCD shipped to India, are of the same models. I brought this facts to the attention of the Sony company, but they assured me that the model sold to me does not belong to defective series, which I did not agree and requested them to either replace my LCD or refund me the full amount, which they have categorically refused.

They want me to allow them to service my LCD and I allowed them to do so. But despite my giving consent and sending them repeated emails and telephonic calls, their technician has yet to visit me to attend to my LCD. I simply want to know from Sony India – Is this the workmanship of their high priced LCD and is this the way they render after sales service to Indian customers?

Recently, I bought a Samsung refrigerator and it started giving trouble after four months and after attending to the same problem two times, I requested Samsung to replace the refrigerator and they immediately refunded me the full amount. On the contrary, Sony India has decided to remain silent and not responding. I would request all the future buyers in India of Sony products to get undertaking of after sale service in black and white and if possible, insist for atleast two to three years service warranty.

If any reader has bad experience about Sony after sales service, he/she is requested to share it using the comment section below.

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