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Big News Android App – Read RSS Feeds In Bigger Font Size

There are lot many android apps available in market which let you stay up-to date with the latest, pushing and sync’ing latest news updates on your android device. However, Big News android app, brings a different perspective to news apps. Big News, as the name suggests, displays news feeds in a “Big” way.

Meaning, it offers all the solution your standard news app has plus has an added functionality of displaying news feed in bigger font size. Big News, once installed, ties up with the Google Reader account associated with your google account and displays the same in widget. You can select/de-select the RSS feed to include in widget ticker.

What I liked about this app was its ability to show RSS feed in bigger font size thus making is even easier to read. This being good factor, what I didn’t approve of was that the app ONLY offers displaying feeds via widget on homescreen. There’s no other way of reading feeds from within the app. A big minus. To add to this, clicking on RSS feed on widget takes you to webpage of source. Again, a minus point.

Big News will serve purpose of those users who intend to read through the titles only. Ability to set widget refresh frequency, bigger font size, feed in notification drawer all of this makes Big News well suited for going through the feed headlines quickly.

Big News android app is available for free in Google Play store. You can download the same using image link below.



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