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BlackBerry Introduces Relevant Apps For 2014 Elections

2014 Lok Sabha election will be game changer in Indian politics. In this elections, many first time voters will be casting their votes to choose the candidates who will be responsible for leading the country for five years. Since youth of the country has a major role to play in this elections, BlackBerry is contributing a little bit by bringing out the appropriate apps for the general elections.Right from motivating young Indians to bringing awareness on the minutest social issue, smartphone apps have helped people to be in touch with the latest development in Indian politics so that the right choice can be made while voting. The following BlackBerry apps  will help you to make the right choice:

Voter India 2014
This application motivates the Youth to Vote for the right candidate in the 2014 elections. You can choose your option to vote for the best candidates using the candidates profile, which is gathered from different sources.
Price: Free


This is an election app that displays the real time election results on your smartphone as the counting is in progress. Chunav’14 gives you a unique option of knowing the detailed results of candidate, party or constituency of your choice at any given time.
Price: Rs 50/-


Voter Registration India
This app helps first time voters to register, simply download the application, fill the form and upload your photo. Take print out of the form from your mail and submit to your ERO along with necessary proofs and signatures.
Price: Free

Use above apps on your BlackBerry devices and vote positively and sensibly.


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