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BOLT Browser Version 1.5 Out Now

BOLT is a free downloadable browser for mobile phones, that offers an uncompromised browsing experience on even lower-end mobile phones. BOLT provides ultra fast, efficient & feature-rich way to enjoy full PC-style web pages and rich media applications on all levels of mobile devices be it smart phones or low end devices.


In a recent move, BOLT officially dropped the beta tag with the release of a new version i.e BOLT 1.5. Many of the the new changes/updates are “under the hood” upgrades therefore you might not be able to see UI changes but you are sure to notice the results in terms of speed and page rendering, the official blog of BOLT states that the browser is the most reliable, fastest browser they have ever released and it is more than 15% faster than Beta 3 !! Besides improvement in rendering speed, various other new features include :

  • Ability to stream videos of any length,
  • Dedicated search bar,
  • Download manager that downloads files directly from BOLT,
  • Improved navigation and text rendering, &
  • Caching feature that enables browsing back to a previously visited page without waiting to reload again (Which was really annoying)

The above mentioned are new features that have been included in version 1.5. Following are other features that were present even in the previous version’s. Check ’em out :

  • Routinely loads pages at least 25%-50% faster than competing mobile browsers
  • Patented navigation and display technologies get you where you’re going faster
  • View streaming videos from sites like YouTube, MySpace and Google
  • Full desktop PC-style Facebook and social media functionality
  • RSS feeds subscriber
  • Shop securely
  • Browse any website
  • Full desktop PC-style browsing on all types of mobile phones
  • Web content is never reformatted, repurposed, or removed

Everything being said, i personally think that Opera Mini is much faster and easier to use (Although it doesnt have the functionality to play videos). And the video streaming as promised by BOLT doesnt work on low end devices (Doesnt work on SE k550i).

Do Let Us Know Your Experience Using BOLT v 1.5



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