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Transcript of Chat With Fatcow Support (Part 2 of 3)

In my previous post, i wrote about the chat i had with online fatcow support before purchasing the hosting plan. If you havent yet read that post, make sure you read it, it will give you a nice idea about the way Fatcow support treats its prospective customer’s.Fatcow

Transcript of Chat With Fatcow Support

Moving on to this post, i am going to share the transcript of chat, i had with them AFTER purchasing the hosting plan. Please note that i have replaced the name of operator with the word *Operator.  This post is Part 2 of 3 post series. So Subscribe To RSS Feeds and keep yourself updated with upcoming posts.

Here is the chat excerpt. Read on –

Operator : Hi Paritosh. My name is Selina, how are you today?
Paritosh : hi
Paritosh : can you guide me in transferring wordpress blog from previous host to fatcow
Operator : You need to download the WordPress files to your local computer and back up the database of old WordPress.
Paritosh: already done that
Paritosh: now what
Operator : Once you have done it, you can install the WordPress with us and then import the database backups.
Paritosh: i have installed wordpress with you, now what ?
Operator : Have you already backed up your old WordPress files ?
Paritosh: yes
Paritosh: now what ?
Operator : Please import those database backup to the database on which you have installed the WordPress now.
Operator : Are you working on it ?
Paritosh: the version earlier i was using was 2.8.3 and the current wordpress installled on fatcw server is 2.7,will that create any problem ?
Paritosh: the version earlier i was using was 2.8.3 and the current wordpress installled on fatcow server is 2.7,will that create any problem in uploading database ? ?
Operator : It depends upon the contents in your WordPress, Paritosh.
Paritosh: meaning ?
Operator : Some components of the recent version of WordPress will not work in the older version.
Paritosh: okay
Paritosh: i am going to upload previous database via phpMyadmin
Paritosh: please be online
Paritosh: should i check partial import option ?
Operator : Yes, you can.
Operator : You can contact us any time as we are available 24×7.
Paritosh: and what is Character set of the file:
Operator : It depends upon your WordPress Web site.
Paritosh: i have left it with default setting
Paritosh: after importing database what do i have to do ??
Operator : Once you have imported it to the database on which you have installed WordPress, you can view the contents of it on your WordPress Web site.

Paritosh: i am getting an error message while importing database
Paritosh: Error SQL query: /*!40101 SET @OLD_CHARACTER_SET_CLIENT=@@CHARACTER_SET_CLIENT */; /*!40101 SET @OLD_CHARACTER_SET_RESULTS=@@CHARACTER_SET_RESULTS */; /*!40101 SET @OLD_COLLATION_CONNECTION=@@COLLATION_CONNECTION */; /*!40101 SET NAMES utf8 */; — — Database: `beaco_3606819_39584` — — ——————————————————– — — Table structure for table `wp_adrotate` — DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `wp_adrotate` ; MySQL said: #1046 – No database selected
Operator: To import the database, please follow the steps given below:
Operator : 1. Log into the Control Panel with the account username and password.
Operator : 2. Click on ‘Manage MySQL’ under ‘Scripting and Add-Ons’.
Operator : 3. Click on ‘Administer’ near to the database username.
Operator : 4. In the left panel, select the database to be uploaded.
Operator : 5. Click on ‘Import’.
Operator : 6. Select the .sql file using the ‘Browse’ button.
Operator : 7. Select the character set of the file you are importing.
Operator : 8. Click on the ‘Go’ button.
Paritosh: again same error !
Operator : Please let me know the size of the backup file you are trying to import?
Operator : Typo *import.
Paritosh: 3 mb
Operator : Okay.
Operator : The maximum database size that you can import through phpMyAdmin is 8,192KB.
Operator : You are trying to import 24 MB. Since the size of the file is large, the script which tries to import the file to your database is being timed out during the execution.
Operator : I’m sorry for the confusion.
Operator : You are trying to import 24 M
Operator : Typo *You are trying to import 3 MB.
Operator : The best available solution would be to break the .sql file into several smaller pieces and then try importing the file. Once you have divided the file into several modules try importing the file. You shouldn’t experience any issues while you perform this process.
Paritosh: i have no idea how to do that

Operator : Okay.
Operator : Please upload the backup of the database in sql format to your account and provide me with the path of it.
Operator : We will try to import it for you.
Paritosh: okay
Paritosh: wait a minute
Operator : Sure.
Paritosh: should i upload a zipped file or normal .sql file
Operator : Upload in the format .sql.
Paritosh: okay
Paritosh: http://techvorm.com/xxxx.sql
Operator : Okay.
Operator : Please let me know the database name to which you want to import.
Paritosh: there is only one database in my account
Operator : Okay.
Operator : I’m sorry, in order to assist you, I am going to have to ask a member of our team who specializes in this issue to take care of this for you.
Paritosh: okay
Operator : Once your issue is forwarded, you will be able to view the ticket number at:
Operator : http://www.fatcow.com/member/sconsole/
Paritosh: here is the database to which i want to import files to rahulperry_xxx_xxx
Operator : Okay.
Operator : I only have your first name. Can I have your complete name for our records ?
Paritosh: Paritosh
Operator : Thank you!
Operator : Is there anything else I can assist you with today ?
Paritosh: help me with wordpress blog import, i am loosing traffic
Operator : One of our technical specialists will contact you soon.
Paritosh: okay
Paritosh: thanks

After reading the conversation, you might have noticed few points :-

  • The operator has very little knowledge of what i am trying to ask, she/he is repeating the same query again and again.
  • The response time is very high, the duration of this chat was approx. 38 minutes.
  • The knowledge of wordpress possessed by them is not enough to solve day to day problems like these.


  1. @Sydney M You are right about the waiting time of Fatcow support however in the above article i am pointing out the waiting time. It is the amount of time they take to resolve a query. And i would rather go with the quality of response than with quick response time ( although that is also necessary).

    BTW : Am glad you liked the blog. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I would have to disagree with you on this one. Fatcow support is quite good, i mean atleast you get them quick without having too wait too long in the queue. I’ve been with them for quite long and have found them quite helpful as far as support is concerned. Yes, sometimes waiting for their reply can take quite a lot of time but i guess that’s cause they handle multiple issues at a time.
    Nice blog though 😉
    .-= Sydney M´s last blog ..Google Search Codes =-.


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